Sunday, April 28, 2013

I’m a big kid now?

Chris put together Wyatt’s big boy bed and Wyatt wanted to sleep in it.  I have dreaded this for years.  Will was always eager to sleep in our bed from the time he was a baby.  But Wyatt, however, freaked out whenever we tried to get him to sleep with us.  No matter how sick or tired he is, he refuses to lay down, much less sleep on a regular bed.  But as I type, he is sleeping like a big boy.  We’ll see if it’s a one time deal or if our baby is really growing up! 

It started with a new pair of train sheets. 
Wyatt wanted his trains to sleep on them.

2013-04-26 Wyatts big boy bed (5)

Then Wyatt decided to try them out.  (Hair twirling is a promising sign.)

2013-04-26 Wyatts big boy bed (6)

And here he is now.  Laying as still as a statue (though twirling his hair). It took a long time to fall asleep but he’s sleeping, for now.

2013-04-26 Wyatts big boy bed (1)

And because I had to look, here is Mister Wilson’s first night in a big boy bed.  Turns out Wyatt is at the same age now!

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