Tuesday, April 02, 2013


Any guess what we are counting down to?!!!


I have 3 shirts ready for our pirate party on Saturday.  Mister Wilson is having an AARGH Matey party and everyone is going to be decked out!

And in case you are wondering…..for my birthday, in Oct, I started a new hobby (aka an embroidery machine).  I have had tons of fun learning all about it and making the kids shirts for every.single. occasion.  One of these days I may attempt to make some money doing these, now that I have the equipment. 

Mister Wilson told me EXACTLY what he wanted on his birthday shirt this year.  I had tons of pirate designs and he didn’t want any of them.  He knows what he wants!  Though he tells me he’s wearing his Peter Pan costume to the party….we’ll see how this party turns out.

F-I-V-E ready or not, here we come!

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