Sunday, April 28, 2013

Wyatt’s #1 train

We followed the masses of devoted parents and took our train lover to a “Day out with Thomas”.  So be prepared for lots of references to strange train characters :)

Thomas was in town for 3 weekends in a row.  Having that many opportunities to see him stressed me out so we went the first day, despite the cold and rain.  I was afraid life would get in the way so we had a free Saturday and jumped at the chance.  We had hoped it wouldn’t be crowded due to weather. I have no idea if that theory worked, it was pretty crowded.   (We did not actually ride Thomas….we just went to see him up close and personal.)

Mister Wyatt was so excited to catch his first glimpse of the #1 blue engine!  He (Wy) made all sorts of excited squeals.  He was excited to see his smoke, hear his whistle and see his light.

Chris thought the rain was out of the area for a bit….so no coat.  And I convinced him not to bring the umbrella b/c we all had our raincoats on.  Clearly we are a power couple in the decision department.  It rained the whole time. 


We got to see “Cranky” the crane too.  Though Will and Wyatt were both quick to point out that his face was missing.


We waited in line to see and stand in front of Thomas.  By this point Will had decided he was NOT going to have anything to do with Thomas.  Or anything else we did that morning.  So he’s missing from all the pics.

But Ella and Wyatt were thrilled to stand in front of the big guy. 



Then we stood in line to meet Sir Topham Hatt.  He was in a tent so I wasn’t sure who we were going to meet.  We thought he was an inflatable but there was someone real in there.  Kinda odd looking.  Thankfully the kids were not afraid.

Wyatt and Ella took forever to say goodbye to him.

IMG_6253Wyatt refused to wear a hood so his head was soaked, but he never complained. 


The regular coal train was also running that morning so we were able to watch it leave as well.  Wyatt LOVES the smoke.


One last goodbye to our favorite blue engine.IMG_6248

Once home we had hot chocolate, popcorn and hot dogs to warm up with.  (kids request).  And a fireplace to get toasty.  Mister Wilson was once again a happy camper.

But Wyatt headed straight upstairs to reenact train stories.  We didn’t hear a peep out of him for an hour.  He was the happiest little boy!


A day with Thomas was a success.  If anyone wants to take him back the next 2 weekends…Wyatt is available :)

I’m a big kid now?

Chris put together Wyatt’s big boy bed and Wyatt wanted to sleep in it.  I have dreaded this for years.  Will was always eager to sleep in our bed from the time he was a baby.  But Wyatt, however, freaked out whenever we tried to get him to sleep with us.  No matter how sick or tired he is, he refuses to lay down, much less sleep on a regular bed.  But as I type, he is sleeping like a big boy.  We’ll see if it’s a one time deal or if our baby is really growing up! 

It started with a new pair of train sheets. 
Wyatt wanted his trains to sleep on them.

2013-04-26 Wyatts big boy bed (5)

Then Wyatt decided to try them out.  (Hair twirling is a promising sign.)

2013-04-26 Wyatts big boy bed (6)

And here he is now.  Laying as still as a statue (though twirling his hair). It took a long time to fall asleep but he’s sleeping, for now.

2013-04-26 Wyatts big boy bed (1)

And because I had to look, here is Mister Wilson’s first night in a big boy bed.  Turns out Wyatt is at the same age now!

Friday, April 26, 2013

doctors, dentists, oh my!

It’s been a whirlwind few weeks.  It’s that time of year when we all seem to have doctors appointments every few days. 

Mister Wilson had his 5 year check up.  I cannot remember his stats but he was right on track for a 5 year old.  NO shots, thank goodness!  But he did have a finger stick, and I think the shot would have been easier.  OHMYWORD.  He was screaming.  And he told Roger (that’s what he calls our doctor, even though that is not HER first name, it’s her last!) that he was never coming back there again.  And that it was the worst place ever.  Everyone got a good laugh out of that and we escaped, mostly in one piece.

2013-04-13 (11)crop[3]

Ella then had her annual follow-up with the cardiologist.  The appointment itself was disastrous.  To start things off we got there 20 minutes early only to drive around the parking garage the entire time and then ended up being late!  And Ella was less than agreeable when it came to the EKG and echo.  BUT the good news is that they were able to get the tests run and the doctor said everything looks great.  And her pulmonary stenosis is mild enough that we do not have to come back for 2 years!!!!  What a huge answer to prayer!  I was a bit nervous knowing she this appointment was going to tell them if there had been any changes since our first visit, and there wasn’t!  

2013-03-27 (28)crop[3]

We have a few more appointments to go before this round is over.  So thankful for 3 kiddos growing healthy and strong!

Monday, April 22, 2013

tortoise and the hare

These days I have two hares and one tortoise.  The game of chase is a favorite around here.  And currently, Wyatt is our slowest runner.  (I suspect he’s going to catch up soon!) 

The good news, for me, is that I can still catch him with my camera.  My two hares are just a blurry mess.  But Mister Wyatt is just slow enough for me.


And he’s still at the stage where I can totally capture his personality on camera.

I can hear his little voice in the pic below.  He was mad/pouting about some injustice of tag.


Mischievous and proud.




Friday, April 19, 2013

spring program

Will’s end-of-the-year school program was this week.  As usual, he was tight lipped about what he was singing.  I had a feeling his songs had some motions because he’s been showing off some new moves lately.

We happened to sit near him in the sanctuary.  He was grinning when he spotted us.  He may of gotten in a bit of trouble goofing off with his buddies while waiting to go on stage.

2013-04-18 W preK spring pgm B(1)

Mister did a great job, sang all the songs and did ALL the motions.  So proud of him!


Following the music show was the art show.  He proudly showed us his art.  His class did The Very Lazy Ladybug. 

2013-04-18 W preK spring pgm (13)

2013-04-18 W preK spring pgm (19)

We are winding down Mister Wilson’s pre-school year.  Graduation is in May.  Along with Kindergarten pre-registration!!!!!!  This is going way too fast!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Will had some birthday gift cards to spend so we had a date night.  We headed to the toy store and he picked out a few super heroes.  In record time, I might add.


Then we quickly ran into the mall so I could look at something.  Will has only been to the mall a handful of times so he finds it quite exciting still.   He found this mannequin display quite amusing. 

photo (5)

And we finished our date with a Sonic treat.  The quickest way to Will’s heart is with a slushy and fries. 

photo (1)

Getting quality time with Will is high on my list of priorities.  Because he is the big kid he often gets the leftovers of me.  But he is quick to tell us (or act out show us) when he needs more of our attention.  It’s hard to juggle, but we love our Will nights!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hey Pinterest, what’s for dinner?


My new go-to place for dinner is Pinterest.  I’m such a visual person, I’m not one to pick up a cookbook if there aren’t pictures to go with each recipe.  Pinterest to the rescue.

Here is a short list of recent favorites (more for me than you, so I can find them quickly)…..  Click the pictures or the name to go to the recipe.

I should go ahead and mention, the kids DO NOT eat most of these.  That’s the phase we are in.


The most recent find:  Baked Chicken Fajitas.  LOVE these.  We have tried numerous fajita recipes over the years, this is our favorite.  And easiest!  Plus you can prepare them ahead of time.

Our favorite chicken strips are by Bisquick.  But these are a close second, Ranch Chicken Strips.  SO good.  Naturally, the kids do not like them.

I wish there was a better picture, but this was the one on the site.  Not sure why I tried it, but I think I read a glowing review somewhere else and was tempted to try.  Chris has decided the No Peek Beef Tips are better than having a roast.  And you can make them ahead of time and take them out of the fridge and bake.  You just have to remember to time it right.

This is our all-time favorite discovery, Grilled Cajun Ranch Chicken.  DELICIOUS.  Not a fan of the pasta, so we just make the chicken, but it is fabulous!  Just give it time to marinate.

I just realized that most of the recipes included Ranch.  Apparently we are on a ranch kick.

The pics are not mine.  I got them off of Pinterest. 

Saturday, April 13, 2013

February & March videos

Will’s day

Weekend birthdays are the BEST!  We celebrated all day long.

We started the morning off with a gift…..a special Darth Vader to hold all his super heroes in.

2013-04-07 wills day (4)

Followed by birthday pancakes.  (my candles were way too tall)

2013-04-07 wills day (8)

Will wore his pirate shirt to church, where everyone wished him a happy birthday.

We opened more gifts after lunch.  Wyatt “gave” Will a movie.

2013-04-07 wills day (14)

And Ella picked out this Yoda for him.  He loved it.

2013-04-07 wills day (11)

Will also got a “cashter register”, as he calls it.  He loves playing store.  It has a scale that has pictures on it.  So he is weighing things and announcing what it weighs, “this apple weighs grapes on the stem!”  Or “this plate weighs a banana!” 

2013-04-07 wills day (48)

And I fell victim to an infomercial.  What can I say, this screamed Mister Wilson.  It’s called a stuffie.  A giant stuffed animal (winner), with 7 pockets for hiding things (double winner).  Perfect for any 5 year old hoarder. 

2013-04-07 wills day (45)

We also enjoyed his pirate cake.  Though I didn’t get any actual pictures.  But we replaced the pretzel “cannons” with candles.  Will thought that was awesome!2013-04-06 Will's pirate party (5)

We had a great weekend spoiling our 5 year old Mister.

Will is quick to ask how many more birthdays till it’s mine again.  It was quite a long list.  Up next is Nana’s.  And then the countdown begins for Mister Wyatt’s!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

what a difference a day makes

April 9th and 10th are days forever etched in our minds.  The days that all of our kids came into lives are pretty special.  But the 9th and 10th are the days that forever changed the direction of our family.

Here our post from 2008:  What a difference a day makes…..

2008-04-10 (26)

meant to be

It’s been 5 years. How is that possible?!

In a perfect world, Will (and Ella) would have been raised by his biological family. For reasons we will never fully understand, God chose us to be Mister Wilson’s parents. There are no words to fully express what a privilege and honor it is being his Momma. 

I hope one day he can grasp the love God has for him.  And that despite his start in this world, he was meant to be here.  His presence on this earth is absolutely intentional.  Oh, how I pray he comes to know, and believe that.


You were meant to be touching


The lives that you touch


And meant to be here


Making this world so much more


Than it would be without you in it


You were meant to be bringing


The gifts that you bring


And singing the songs


You've been given to sing


You are perfectly, wonderfully,


Beautifully meant to be


You were meant to be

from the song: “Meant to Be” by Steven Curtis Chapman

Sunday, April 07, 2013

ahoy mateys

The birthday weekend finally arrived. Mister Wilson has been talking about his pirate party since Christmas!  Thrilled that he picked a theme and stuck to it for so long. 


We all supported our Captain Wilson and dressed up in our pirate gear.  Wyatt, was NOT a fan.



Ella is a fan of Jake and the Neverland Pirates so she was all about being a pirate on Saturday.

SONY DSC                       SONY DSC

The playground is ready for a band of pirates!

2013-04-06 Will's pirate party (1b)edit


Our pirate cake is sailing some choppy blue seas.  Will knew about the cupcakes, but the pirate ship was a surprise.  And he was thrilled.  (I totally copied the idea from here….)

SONY DSC                       2013-04-06 Will's pirate party (6)

Sword fights and duels were a given.

2013-04 April

Time to sing Happy Birthday!


We almost forgot we had a piƱata.  It was a surprise for Will.  Look at his smiley face!


The kids were quick to grab up gold, jewels and, of course, candy.


Wyatt and Ella were slow to gather the loot.  Looks like they are pondering what went wrong with their strategy.


And the party wouldn’t be complete without a few golf cart rides from Poppy.


We had a great time celebrating with our family.  I love that the kids have so many cousins close in age. 

Will said it was a GREAT party.  And that his cousins are his best friends.  It was a perfect day for our big five year old!