Tuesday, March 12, 2013

wormy worm

I don’t have a problem with a random worm or two. But a pile of worms kinda gives me the creeps.  Not so for Wilson. And surprisingly, not for Ella. (Wyatt was napping….)  They had the best time playing with a pile of worms.
2013-03-10 (2)
Will said they tickled.
2013-03-10 (15)
A direct quote from Will: “Let me introduce you to my motorcycle.”
2013-03-10 (12)2013-03-10 (9)2013-03-10 (26)
Will and Ella carried them safely back to nature on this leaf.  Placed them in a muddy hole.  They were both disappointed to find they were gone the next day. 
2013-03-10 (42)

It doesn’t take much to entertain these two.

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