Friday, March 01, 2013

sunny days, sweeping the clouds away

backtracking to cover a random weekend day.

7 days after our first snow we had a super warm day.  The kids were happy to be out and enjoying the sunshine. Will practiced his bike riding.  And helmet and glove putting-on.

2013-02-09 (8)

Later we headed to the backyard to explore.  The kids have finally moved past the swingset area and have discovered the ditch.  They played all kinds of made-up games, all directed by Mister Wilson.


Pretended to go fishing.  They were catching us dinner.

2013-02-09 (37)

Will took a break for a rest in his favorite spot, Daddy’s lap.

2013-02-09 (41)

Which reminds me of this picture from 2010.

2010-04-29 (71)

Will moved on to collecting. His favorite past-time EVER. I can’t remember what he was collecting this day, rocks perhaps.

2013-02-09 (26)

Then I forced the kids to do a self-portrait with me. Will thought it was funny.

2013-02-09 (47)

Ella thought it was silly.


2013-02-09 (36)

Wyatt was NOT a fan.

2013-02-09 (52)

I managed to catch him off guard while I was carrying him back inside.  What a stinker.

2013-02-09 (53)

At least I can mark “picture with Mom” off my New Years list.

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