Friday, March 01, 2013

say what? {wilson}

I think I am just paying more attention….Will is at it again.

  • at 6:30 in the morning: “Ella, you are crazier than a bobber cat (aka bob cat) in a tomato field.I’m not sure what prompted this.
  • Talking about a boy misbehaving in class. Will pipes up, with a tone of disgust, “He didn’t follow the rules! Just like the Israelites didn’t listen to God and walked thru that desert.  They all just need to obey!” I guess he was listening to Aunt Michelle’s Sunday school lesson.  And I will be reminding him of the Israelites next time he forgets about the rules.
  • “I didn’t know we were going to hit a squirrel today. That was a surprise.” You and me both Buddy.  “We should pray for God to heal his body because I am sure we bumped him on his head.”  So glad he could not see his flattened body on the road!


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