Saturday, March 23, 2013

oh, stanley

We had a very important visitor last week, Flat Stanley!  We didn’t get around to reading the book before he arrived but we did find a few you tube videos to help the kids learn who he was. 

He arrived bright and early last weekend.


We quickly took him out for the grand tour.  The vet, sonic, Little Debbies and some farm life.


Later in the week he made the rounds at preschool and speech.


speech classSpeech for Ella with Mrs JennyOff to school with Wilson and Mrs. Amy


Poor guy even had to help pump gas.  We did a lot of traveling, and he seemed to enjoy it all.  Thanks Macy for letting Stanley visit us.  I hope he sends back a good report! (and I hope he helps you get a good grade on the project!)



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