Thursday, March 07, 2013

just a shirt

New shirts is nothing exciting around here.  But I finally made a non-holiday/non-W shirt for Wyatt.  And he LOVED it.  He grabbed the shirt, hugged it and said “I love it!  Thank you Momma.”  (he is my MOST appreciate kiddo….thanks me for EVERYTHING!) Totally made my day.

Monster Trucks, Cars and Trains are Wyatt’s love language.


And W and Ella got new shirts.  Will is obsessed with anything super hero related so I could not turn down these shirts when a family was selling them as a fundraiser for their adoption.


And Ella loves to be exactly like Will.  And also seems to have a thing for super heroes.  Or at least she’s always up for a game of Batman, Batgirl and Batboy.  They LOVED their matching shirts!


My kids seem to love clothes.  This might be a problem in the teenage years ;)

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Kristi said...

Your kiddos are DARLING in their shirts!

And could you please share links to the superman shirts? I have two young superheros who would love to support an adoption...