Wednesday, March 27, 2013

just another week….

Another one for my memory bank. And the pictures have nothing to do with this post.

With a 2, 3, 4 year old (and a milk loving hubby) we go thru a gallon of milk every 36 hours.  So I buy 2-3 gallons every time we go to the store. Very thankful to have an extra fridge in the garage to store the extras!  We use probably a gallon of cranberry juice every 3 days.....and we water it down! (though Chris drinks it too.) We’re trying to cut back on the juice but its hard! Thankfully I can stock up on it when it's on sale.  And then there’s the two couple of loaves of bread we use each week too!

Most days we eat 2-3 apples and 3-4 cuties/oranges and a banana or two. And countless pretzels daily.

The dishwasher is run daily. And paper plates are used more often than I'd like. The number of napkins we go thru is insane. Wy and E are obsessive users, in addition to just being plain ole messy.

A typical week includes 15 loads of laundry. Not sure if that's normal for families of five (plus dog).  [I googled it, it’s kinda high. We have a lot of middle of the night diaper leaks/potty accidents. Plus 1 messy kid, 1 kid that refuses to wear clothes that are dirty, plus one who likes costume changes. ]

Not all those loads get put away that quickly though.  And I’m not one to do a load a day, and then put it away.  I just do them as I can…..or whenever we run out of undies.  Whichever happens first.2013-01-25 (5)With two potty trained, we no longer go thru a box of diapers a week. Thank goodness!  And now Wyatt is potty-training himself (I do not even want to talk about this….) so he only gets 3-4 diapers a day now. And I don't remember the last time I bought wipes.  But we are forever running out of toilet paper now!


A quick glimpse into our week with 3 preschoolers. :)

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