Monday, March 04, 2013

I’m a big kid now!

Who is this? And where did my baby go?  Suddenly I am realizing how quickly time passes by and my littlest is no longer a baby!   We are no longer a house with 3 babies, but a house with 3 preschoolers.

Two is such an interesting age.  They start out as babies and end the year as big kids.


Wyatt is the first of the trio to ditch his booster seat at the dinner table, preferring to sit on his knees instead to reach his food.

He insists every meal be eaten with grown up silverware.  Thankfully, he still likes sippy cups. But it won’t be long till all 3 are done with booster seats, baby forks and baby cups.


Babyhood and the toddler years were pretty chaotic, not to mention difficult, in the T house.  I never imagined that I might be sad to see them coming to an end.  I am as surprised by this as is everyone that knows me.  Good thing we have a new baby cousin to hold and snuggle.

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