Monday, March 04, 2013

FCC celebration

We celebrated Chinese New Year with our local FCC group.  We love this group!  They were a great support when we got started (when there were dozens of waiting families).  Most of the kids are older, with very few new little ones coming home these days but we were still excited to celebrate with our old friends.  (And honestly, I am happy to learn from all of these experienced moms!)

And we did make some new friends.  One family had only been home for a few months. 

The boys were able to wear their shirts again this year.  But not a fan of having their pics made…..

2013-02-23 FCC CNY (9)

All the other pics included Wyatt picking his nose.  And Will goofing off.

2013-02-23 FCC CNY (5)

Ella happily spent some time at the craft table with Daddy.

2013-02-23 FCC CNY (12)

After the trio had their fill of sugar, this was the best picture I could get.

2013-02-23 FCC CNY (14)

And because I like to look back at our little family a year ago…..our first CNY with Ella.  (Will had had better days…..)

2012-01-28 (69) - Copy

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