Wednesday, March 06, 2013

baby love {baby Reid}

We love having new baby cousins!  Baby Reid entered the world in January and Will has been ready to meet him.  And he was determined to hold him too.

I think this smile says it all.


Ella, not to be outdone, had her turn holding Reid too.  But despite the smile, I don’t think she was loving it.


No worries, Wyatt was ready and waiting to take over.  Wyatt is a baby lover!!!!  When we go to the doctor he looks around at all the babies and says “so cute”.  I knew he was going to love seeing baby Reid.


Wyatt was totally smitten.  Holding Reid tightly, petting him, kissing him, sawing “awww” and “so cute” over and over.  And he was MAD when I told him his turn was up. 

2013-02-27 (13)

Pretty sure Reid can count on being smothered with love from Wyatt for the next few years, or at least until Reid is bigger than him and tells him to stop.



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