Tuesday, February 12, 2013

star for a day

Mister Wilson recently had his turn at “Star Student” for the day.  Kinda a Mister Wilson show and tell day.  He had to make this poster all about himself and include his most favorite things.

He had a hard time narrowing down what to include but there were a few things that he was required to show.  A picture of him.  A picture of his family.  And his favorite color.

He chose a picture of himself with both Princess Frogs.  And, of course, the color green was chosen as his favorite.

He wanted to include a picture of ALL of his toys and shows.  I managed to narrow it down to the Batcave, Peter Pan, Angry Birds, Wild Kratts and Word Girl.  Along with pics of dinos, frog/turtle and pizza.

Scrolling thru pictures was our downfall, he wanted to include every single one!  We chose a pic of Gus and Riley at the lake (covering 3 fave things at once).  A pic of him at the zoo and aquarium.  And a pic of him and 2 cousins.  Had it been up to him he would included a pic of every single one of his cousins!  There is not enough poster board for that many pics!  Thankfully I distracted him and we finished the poster.  He chose each and every picture location.  The poster was covered in glue stick when we finished!

He was one SUPER proud Star Student.  He was grinning all day about this special treat.

2013-01-29 Star Student

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