Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Say what? {Wyatt}


2013-01-02 (125)

  • Wyatt was eating cereal and was struggling to scoop up a bite and said, to his cereal, “Come here you!”. 
  • Consider yourself warned if you have chips and salsa while sitting next to Wyatt.  He likes to throw a chip in your bowl and yell “save it, save it”.
  • Wyatt talks NON-STOP now.  His favorite phrases “follow me”, “watch this”, “check this out”, “Oh, Bumpers”, “crash bash”.  Some of these are courtesy to Chuggington and Thomas.
  • “So cute.”  Obviously we saw this too much b/c Wyatt says it, appropriately, all day long!
  • “Naked boy”  Wyatt loves to say this once he gets down to his diaper. And he runs around yelling “naked boy!!!”.
  • 2013-01-31 (184)

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