Sunday, February 17, 2013

love bugs

The trio wore their love duds on Valentines day. Will was excited to celebrate with his friends at school.  He came home excited about all the fun he had.  And he carries his shoebox around everywhere!  He’s keeping a tight leash on those cards and prizes.

2013-02-14 vday morning (5)

Will made an I Love You picture, but he thinks it says Happy Valentines Day.  Chris brought me my favorite, tulips!  And we had heart shaped pizza for dinner.

2013-02-14 val day (16)

The kids all got new (color wonder) coloring books, we were candied out.

2013-02-14 val day (20)

The day before we celebrated with Mimi and Poppy and the kids thought their lip suckers were the greatest things ever. 

2013-02-14 val day (2)2013-02-14 val day (1)

Will is counting down the holidays….each one getting him closer to his birthday. 

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