Sunday, February 03, 2013

first snow!

It finally happened, Ella’s first snow!  We’ve been teased about the chance of snow every Friday for the last few weeks but it finally happened this Saturday.  Of course, it wasn’t a real snow since it melted a few minutes after landing.  But we are counting it.  And really, it’s Wyatt’s first too.  The last time it really snowed he was only 6 months old!

When we went out the first time it was barely snowing.  Ella was giddy, she thought it was so exciting!

2013-02 Feb


Will eventually ran outside, in his flip flops, and showed the little kids how to catch snowflakes on their tongues.  They didn’t quite get the right snowflake catching method, but it was pretty comical.

SONY DSC                       2013-02 Feb1

Later we went back out when it really started coming down. The first time Wyatt was a fan, the second time he was NOT.  Seems like the same thing happened last time it snowed.  Looks like we have 3 kids who are NOT fans of being cold.  Probably a good thing that it didn’t stick around.


Looking at how much gear we used in just for a few hours of snow….I’m glad it doesn’t snow more often.


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Kristi said...

Love the look of sheer joy on Ella's face in the snow. So sweet!