Sunday, February 10, 2013

celebration with a twist

We celebrated the (lunar/chinese) new years with a bit of a twist on the lunar traditions.  We did sweep the house (sweep out the bad luck).  We had oranges, to make the new year sweet.  We did decorate with red, for good luck.  And passed out red envelopes to friends that we saw today.

We ran out of time for haircuts, despite the fact they are desperately needed (a haircut for a fresh start).

And while we did not attempt to make dumplings (to bring wealth), Mimi happen to be making cinnamon rolls after church so we are going to embrace that as our dumplings for the year. Ella LOVED making them.  She’s pretty good with a rolling pin!2013-005

And she thought they were pretty yummy too!

2013-02-10 (30)

We ended the day reading Ella’s 2 favorite Chinese New Year books.  We just bought this one, Emma’s American Chinese New Year.  I love that it’s about a little girl, adopted by American parents, and celebrating CNY in an American way.

Emma's American Chinese New Year

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