Wednesday, February 27, 2013

before and after {dresser and Wilson’s room}

I’m overdue on a before/after of the “new” house.  So today it’s Will’s turn!

We have had these dressers for 2 years.  I inherited two identical ones from my Nana. And since day one we had the intention of repainting them.  But life got busy.

One is now in Ella’s room and the other in Wilson’s.  They are in perfect condition other than the fact that they are yellowed.  Well, I think they were cream to begin with.

I love everything about these, down to the hardware. But they so badly needed paint. I will confess, there are a few things I do not do well….painting is at the top of that list.  But their turn finally came up on Chris’s to-paint list.  So here is the before:


And the after: I think it looks SO good that I want to put it somewhere other than Wilson’s room. Too bad he needs the storage. I LOVE how this turned out. LOVE LOVE LOVE! 
Ella’s dresser is up next, but we haven’t started yet…..and by we, I mean Chris.

I took this pic before the paint dried….in case you wonder why you see brush marks.


And here is the rest of Mister Wilson’s room. It started out as basic beige.  (no before pics) HE picked green.  And, to me, green is the HARDEST color to pick out.  After about 5 samples this was the green everyone else voted on.  It’s way to green for my taste but he thinks it’s amazing.  And that’s all that matters, right?

All 3 kids rooms have dormers.  Will wants to turn his dormer into a fort/hide out.  I’m working out the details on that.  The only thing in that space now is his toy box and window. 


DSC07699I unintentionally found a quilt a few weeks after we moved in and the green is identical to the wall, so I had to get it. And it has tons of blue in it, which makes me happy.

will's room

And his bed skirt….I repurposed the one from his nursery for this bed! YAY!  It hides his trundle bed.

Now I need to put up some curtains and find some art/pictures for his wall.  He has requested a picture of Willie-cat for his room.  I am happy to help him with this.

No matter how many times you visit us, Mister Wilson will ALWAYS offer to show you his room.  And he may even race you to his room so he can hide in the toy box.  He is big on hiding.  It’s safe to say he loves his room!


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