Wednesday, February 27, 2013

before and after {dresser and Wilson’s room}

I’m overdue on a before/after of the “new” house.  So today it’s Will’s turn!

We have had these dressers for 2 years.  I inherited two identical ones from my Nana. And since day one we had the intention of repainting them.  But life got busy.

One is now in Ella’s room and the other in Wilson’s.  They are in perfect condition other than the fact that they are yellowed.  Well, I think they were cream to begin with.

I love everything about these, down to the hardware. But they so badly needed paint. I will confess, there are a few things I do not do well….painting is at the top of that list.  But their turn finally came up on Chris’s to-paint list.  So here is the before:


And the after: I think it looks SO good that I want to put it somewhere other than Wilson’s room. Too bad he needs the storage. I LOVE how this turned out. LOVE LOVE LOVE! 
Ella’s dresser is up next, but we haven’t started yet…..and by we, I mean Chris.

I took this pic before the paint dried….in case you wonder why you see brush marks.


And here is the rest of Mister Wilson’s room. It started out as basic beige.  (no before pics) HE picked green.  And, to me, green is the HARDEST color to pick out.  After about 5 samples this was the green everyone else voted on.  It’s way to green for my taste but he thinks it’s amazing.  And that’s all that matters, right?

All 3 kids rooms have dormers.  Will wants to turn his dormer into a fort/hide out.  I’m working out the details on that.  The only thing in that space now is his toy box and window. 


DSC07699I unintentionally found a quilt a few weeks after we moved in and the green is identical to the wall, so I had to get it. And it has tons of blue in it, which makes me happy.

will's room

And his bed skirt….I repurposed the one from his nursery for this bed! YAY!  It hides his trundle bed.

Now I need to put up some curtains and find some art/pictures for his wall.  He has requested a picture of Willie-cat for his room.  I am happy to help him with this.

No matter how many times you visit us, Mister Wilson will ALWAYS offer to show you his room.  And he may even race you to his room so he can hide in the toy box.  He is big on hiding.  It’s safe to say he loves his room!


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

friend update

Our friend Yaya is doing great.  Her surgery was delayed a few hours but all is well now.  God revealed some big things in her surgery and we are praying that these discoveries will help Yaya bounce back super quick.   (Angie has all the details on her blog.)

We are praying their hospital stay is short and uneventful.  Will and Ella spent all night writing “notes” for Yaya and her brother and sister.  And Ella already has her backpack packed and ready to go for a visit!


Monday, February 25, 2013

big day for our friend {prayers}

Monday is a big day for our friend, Yaya.  She is having palate surgery Monday. From what I understand, it’s a fairly straight-forward surgery, but it’s still surgery that involves a hospital stay of several days.  And it requires some cooperation on Yaya’s part before going home.  And since I know she’s a little bit like my spicy girl, I know how hard this is going to be on her and her Momma (and Daddy and brother and sister).  Please keep their family in your prayers the next few days.

We cannot wait till Yaya successfully crosses this hurdle. I cannot wait till she is healed and starts learning to speak.  I have a feeling she has a lot to say!

We saw Yaya and her family last week.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

say what? {wilson}

Mister Wilson has been on a roll lately (or I am paying more attention….).

  • Super early on a Saturday morning I woke up to find Ella and Will in bed with us.  Chris tugs the covers, I tug back.  Will asks what we are doing....I explain that we do not share covers very nicely.  He said “Me and my Princess Frogs never have that problem.” I was wide awake after I finished laughing at that one.
  • Aunt Michelle and Uncle Eddie teach Will’s Sunday school class periodically.  After Eddie gave the SS lesson Will looks around the circle and said "Come on everyone, let's give Uncle Eddie a hand."  The other kids looked at him like he was hands were given. But the adults have had a few good laughs out of it.  Will, always the encourager. 



Wednesday, February 20, 2013

say what {Ella}

  • “My legs are tired. They ran out of gas.”
  • “Hey you guys!”  Reminds me of the Electric Company.  We rarely say “guys" so I’m not sure where she picked it up.  For the record, she has yet to say “y’all”.
  • Ella always says that Will and Wyatt came form China too.  We always correct her but it just confuses her.  Trying to explain it differently I used Hope/Yaya as an example.  Saying her brother and sister are from America like the boys are but only Yaya is from China.  Just like Ella.  She paused for a second and then said “that’s cool.”.  I tried so hard not to laugh.  I believe she is the first of the trio to use “cool” in that context.


Sunday, February 17, 2013

love bugs

The trio wore their love duds on Valentines day. Will was excited to celebrate with his friends at school.  He came home excited about all the fun he had.  And he carries his shoebox around everywhere!  He’s keeping a tight leash on those cards and prizes.

2013-02-14 vday morning (5)

Will made an I Love You picture, but he thinks it says Happy Valentines Day.  Chris brought me my favorite, tulips!  And we had heart shaped pizza for dinner.

2013-02-14 val day (16)

The kids all got new (color wonder) coloring books, we were candied out.

2013-02-14 val day (20)

The day before we celebrated with Mimi and Poppy and the kids thought their lip suckers were the greatest things ever. 

2013-02-14 val day (2)2013-02-14 val day (1)

Will is counting down the holidays….each one getting him closer to his birthday. 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

valentine’s flashback

I just read something about how Dad’s are their daughters first Valentines and it had lots of good advice, but I have 3 kids so I need to go back and re-read it to remember what it said.

But it made me remember a special Valentine from my Daddy. I was 5. And I remember that it was a Tuesday (because that was his poker night) and I thought he was gone but he was out making this in the garage.  That’s all I remember, random as it is. BUT this wooden heart has hung in every home I have lived in since 1981. It currently resides in my craft room.  It was in the hallway upstairs but the kids, well Wilson, was confused and thought it was from his daddy to him and I got tired of trying to straighten out the story….so I moved it to my craft room.  And it’s hanging with my other special things now.


This picture is not from 1981, but I was too lazy to find one and scan it.  So this was the first I found on my computer.  The look on my face reminds of Wyatt…he has this look every single day.
Stan, Dottie & Julie, Cmas 1977 (edit)

I will post pictures of the love bugs celebrating later on.

Happy Valentines Day to all the ones we love.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mister Wilson’s school party

It’s Valentine’s Day!  Will has been so excited to make his shoebox. He talked about it for a whole week!

We made our Valentine’s cards. Thank you Pinterest!


Will wrote out the names of each of the 12 kids in his class.  We have some practice to do.  But he was at least excited to attempt it.  (No worries, I wrote their names on there as well….)


And here is the long awaited shoebox.


Now he’s ready to celebrate at school!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

star for a day

Mister Wilson recently had his turn at “Star Student” for the day.  Kinda a Mister Wilson show and tell day.  He had to make this poster all about himself and include his most favorite things.

He had a hard time narrowing down what to include but there were a few things that he was required to show.  A picture of him.  A picture of his family.  And his favorite color.

He chose a picture of himself with both Princess Frogs.  And, of course, the color green was chosen as his favorite.

He wanted to include a picture of ALL of his toys and shows.  I managed to narrow it down to the Batcave, Peter Pan, Angry Birds, Wild Kratts and Word Girl.  Along with pics of dinos, frog/turtle and pizza.

Scrolling thru pictures was our downfall, he wanted to include every single one!  We chose a pic of Gus and Riley at the lake (covering 3 fave things at once).  A pic of him at the zoo and aquarium.  And a pic of him and 2 cousins.  Had it been up to him he would included a pic of every single one of his cousins!  There is not enough poster board for that many pics!  Thankfully I distracted him and we finished the poster.  He chose each and every picture location.  The poster was covered in glue stick when we finished!

He was one SUPER proud Star Student.  He was grinning all day about this special treat.

2013-01-29 Star Student

Sunday, February 10, 2013

celebration with a twist

We celebrated the (lunar/chinese) new years with a bit of a twist on the lunar traditions.  We did sweep the house (sweep out the bad luck).  We had oranges, to make the new year sweet.  We did decorate with red, for good luck.  And passed out red envelopes to friends that we saw today.

We ran out of time for haircuts, despite the fact they are desperately needed (a haircut for a fresh start).

And while we did not attempt to make dumplings (to bring wealth), Mimi happen to be making cinnamon rolls after church so we are going to embrace that as our dumplings for the year. Ella LOVED making them.  She’s pretty good with a rolling pin!2013-005

And she thought they were pretty yummy too!

2013-02-10 (30)

We ended the day reading Ella’s 2 favorite Chinese New Year books.  We just bought this one, Emma’s American Chinese New Year.  I love that it’s about a little girl, adopted by American parents, and celebrating CNY in an American way.

Emma's American Chinese New Year

Saturday, February 09, 2013

CNY 2013

SONY DSC                       SONY DSC                       SONY DSC


Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Friday, February 08, 2013

the dress

I bought a dozen of these dresses for future Chinese New Year parties (and pics).  Naturally, Ella doesn’t like them.  Not because they aren’t pretty or the right color, but because they are tight around her neck.
I checked the time stamp on my pics, she lasted 2 minutes in this dress.  I tried another one that I thought was looser, she lasted 1 minute.  We’ll see what she ends up wearing to our CNY party next weekend.  She might be the only girl there not in her qipao (Chinese dress)….though I will take it just in case she changes her mind.
I’m secretly hoping she changes her mind!

Thursday, February 07, 2013

another {half} birthday

We have another kidlet in the house turning a half a year older!  Ella is now a 3.5 year old!  How is that possible?!

This time I was prompt in celebrating on the day of her birthday.  Perhaps I need to always keep 1/2 a cake in the freezer.  We made her cake extra special by adding some pink and red heart sprinkles.  I knew she’d be disappointed if there was no pink to be found!

Ella proudly showed off her cake lips.  Sister loves some chocolate!

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Say what? {Wyatt}


2013-01-02 (125)

  • Wyatt was eating cereal and was struggling to scoop up a bite and said, to his cereal, “Come here you!”. 
  • Consider yourself warned if you have chips and salsa while sitting next to Wyatt.  He likes to throw a chip in your bowl and yell “save it, save it”.
  • Wyatt talks NON-STOP now.  His favorite phrases “follow me”, “watch this”, “check this out”, “Oh, Bumpers”, “crash bash”.  Some of these are courtesy to Chuggington and Thomas.
  • “So cute.”  Obviously we saw this too much b/c Wyatt says it, appropriately, all day long!
  • “Naked boy”  Wyatt loves to say this once he gets down to his diaper. And he runs around yelling “naked boy!!!”.
  • 2013-01-31 (184)

Monday, February 04, 2013

Sunday, February 03, 2013

first snow!

It finally happened, Ella’s first snow!  We’ve been teased about the chance of snow every Friday for the last few weeks but it finally happened this Saturday.  Of course, it wasn’t a real snow since it melted a few minutes after landing.  But we are counting it.  And really, it’s Wyatt’s first too.  The last time it really snowed he was only 6 months old!

When we went out the first time it was barely snowing.  Ella was giddy, she thought it was so exciting!

2013-02 Feb


Will eventually ran outside, in his flip flops, and showed the little kids how to catch snowflakes on their tongues.  They didn’t quite get the right snowflake catching method, but it was pretty comical.

SONY DSC                       2013-02 Feb1

Later we went back out when it really started coming down. The first time Wyatt was a fan, the second time he was NOT.  Seems like the same thing happened last time it snowed.  Looks like we have 3 kids who are NOT fans of being cold.  Probably a good thing that it didn’t stick around.


Looking at how much gear we used in just for a few hours of snow….I’m glad it doesn’t snow more often.