Thursday, January 31, 2013

Say What? {Mister Wilson}

Here are some recent Will funnies…..
  • “Wyatt is more of a problem today than yesterday.”
  • Will excitedly looked out the window at the crazy tornado-like wind and said "I know what kind of wind that is! It's push wind b/c it pushed that chair across the deck!" Just thankful he didn't use the T word.
  • This hot sauce was on the dinner table and Will said “Hey Daddy, want some Chinese Liquid?”

  • (Gus ran away earlier this week….he is home now). We had been driving around looking for Gus for awhile and it was dinner time so I said I give up, let’s go eat. And Will yelled from the back of the car “Never give up! Don’t ever give up. Okay?”
And a non-funny Mister Wilson: After an unsuccessful search for Gus….Will got out of his carseat, dropped to his knees and scrunched his face.  I figured he hurt himself and asked what was wrong.  He said he was trying to pray for Gus.  I helped him get started and he asked God to keep Gus safe and bring him home quickly.  So thankful that God answered Will’s prayer that night!


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Kristi said...

Chinese liquid...bwahhahahaha!
Love it!