Sunday, January 13, 2013

party party

We have had a few busy weeks of celebrating.  Mister T ended up with 3 different parties in one week! That is a lot of cake (plus Wyatt’s half birthday). 

The kids were very excited to celebrate.  They were so happy when Chris got home from work.  Will has watched too much TV because he was determined that this was a surprise party and hid behind the couch yelling surprise every few minutes.

We had an ice cream cake to celebrate and the kids were so excited about the candles. 

2013-01-05 (2)

2013-01-05 (9)

The next day we celebrated again, this time with cinnamon rolls.  Yum!  Wyatt was ready to work the candles again.  And keeping with his tradition, he managed to burn himself.  This time not on the candle but on the pan of rolls.

2013-01-06 (6)

And I can’t remember which celebration it was, but once this week Wyatt managed to spit out a candle.  We were slightly impressed at his aim and projection, and also grossed out at our spit soaked treats.  Crazy kid.

2013-01-06 (10)

Thank goodness we are done with the parties for awhile.  No more parties till Mister Wilson turns FIVE in April!

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