Sunday, January 06, 2013

Linus {part 3}

If you’ve been around here long enough you know about the elephant blanket, aka Patch. 
Aunt Karen, I’m pretty certain this is the last time I will use this picture on here! :)
If not, I will quickly catch you up.  My baby blanket, a beautiful patchwork quilt of 70’s polyester, is named Patch.  I may or may not still have him ahem(Mom and Dad, try not to be too embarrassed that I have admitted to this yet again on the blog.)  As a joke Chris said if I was unwilling to pass mine on to my kids I should at least make them one.  So I did.  Polyester is cheap, and easy to find.

Will got his prior to Wyatt being born (Linus part 1).  Will actually sleeps with his when it gets colder. He’s not super attached to it, but he is pretty fond of it.
Wyatt got his prior to our referral for Ella (Linus part 2).  Wyatt is NOT a fan.  Though he’s not a fan of blankets in general, or pillows.  I’m holding out hope that he will at least tolerate it when it gets cold this winter.
But the good news today is that Ella now has hers. The fabric on the boys blankets match, so Ella was quick to realize that they had matching blankets and was asking where hers was.  I started it before we moved but never got around to finishing.  I could not find any elephant fabric that wasn’t too busy for the polyester madness on the front.  I wish I had gotten the elephant fabric in pink when I bought the boys.  Of course, I searched high and low and could not find it anywhere now.   Anyway, earlier this summer I found something suitable.  And I finally sat down last week to finish it.  Coincidentally, I finished it on the eve of Ella’s Gotcha Day.  So I think it was fitting that I gave it to her on our Ella anniversary.
She was excited to finally have a matching blanket. She knew right away what it was, and that it matched the boys.  She had actually helped me sew a few of the pieces over the last few months so she recognized it quickly. 
She has used it at bedtime ever since she received it….though she may change her mind about it later.
Thrilled to be done with my last Patch quilt!  Now I need to finally get started on Ella’s 100 Wishes quilt!  (And if you haven’t sent us a square, there is still time!)
And for those of you with a wicked sense of humor, yes, I do have enough squares for many more blankets.  Not because I think we have there are future children in mind, just many future replacement blankets.

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