Friday, January 11, 2013

it’s your (half) birthday….

Happy half birthday to you, Happy half birthday to you……dear Wyatt.


We celebrated Wyatt’s half birthday this week. Once again I debated if it was worth it.  But realizing that I only had to sacrifice 30 minutes of my time to bake the cake and the mix is less than $2.00 how could I not. (technically it cost less than that b/c the other half of the cake is in the freezer for someone else’s half birthday next month) And once again we may have missed the date by a few days.  I will not beat myself up about this until my kids are old enough to read the calendar ;)


Wyatt definitely felt honored as he yelled “my plate, my plate” when he saw we were using his “special day” plate. He grinned as I carried the plate to him, joined in singing with us, and was more than happy to blow out the candles.  Though later I think he was disappointed as he realized there were no gifts with this birthday celebration.  He did carry around a pack of diapers saying “my present?”.  Poor guy.


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