Thursday, January 03, 2013

a boring Christmas post

This is boring post, you’ve been warned.  But some blog things are just for my memory….especially since this is our family scrapbook now (I gave up scrapbooking).   Here are new, and sentimental, ornaments added to our tree this year and last.  I like to document them so that a) I can remember which ones belong to which kids and 2) WHY they were important. 

Some of these are from last year.  In the chaos of it all I did not get to document them.

So stick around for the rundown, or come back another day for a less mundane post :)

  1. this is in memory of Willie-cat
  2. (and #6) Will’s visit to Disney!
  3. Will’s obsession with army men and tanks
  4. Ella’s obsession to pink and crocs
  5. Ella’s love of sweets and her first birthday with us.
  6. see #2
  7. Chinese symbol for family.  Made by a family in China.  You can buy their products HERE.  Love this!!!
  8. Ella’s first Christmas with her forever family ornament.  Thanks Schwabe family for this.  They have given all 3 kids “first” ornaments.  Love them!
  9. Wyatt’s from 2011.  He loved any and all balls.  It was his only toy for almost a year.
  10. from 2011 - for my Nana.  She collected pineapples and I could not pass up this ornament.  Love seeing this on my tree and thinking of her.
  11. Cloisonné bell - we got this in China last year.
  12. Plane - Wyatt loves to find planes in the sky.
  13. Train - I’m sure you all guessed this is Wyatt’s as well :)
  14. Ella’s first Christmas - another first ornament.  (the boys have MULTIPLE first ornaments….and so does Ella.  Love them all!)
  15. Will’s triceratops - oddly enough I bought a similar ornament last year.  I didn’t realize that and bought this one for 2012.  But he does still love dino’s and “topsy” is his favorite.
  16. Wyatt’s truck - he loved all things car/trucks in 2011.
  17. Cloisonné star- we got this in China last year.


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