Friday, January 18, 2013

3 year check

Ella had her 3 year check up.  Thanks to insurance requirements that her check up be 12 month from her last.  Looks like she will always be 6 months late to these checks.

She is now 36 inches.  So she has grown 2.25 inches since we came home. And now weighs 29.5lbs, gaining 5lbs since being home!  She is finally on the charts at 10% for height (25% for weight).  Everything else is perfect for her age.

She did have to get 2 shots.  It was traumatic.  As in she cried for 8 hours.  And when I say 8 hours, I mean other than a few 30 min breaks, nap and food, she was crying.  I tried giving her medicine, food, TV, bribes, nothing worked.  She was distraught and walked like she was in a body cast all day.  I was exhausted and out of ideas.  As a last ditch effort we tried a bath.  Halfway thru the bath I took the band-aid off and she happily said “all better”.  8 hours of hysterical crying over a band-aid.  We even looked at the band-aid and she never acted like it was part of the pain. (We have bigger, underlying  issues I have yet to blog about…..). 

All that said, we will not be using band-aids anytime soon.

We did get a referral for formal speech therapy.  And we are all very excited about that.  Ella loves having her own “school”.


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