Thursday, January 31, 2013

Say What? {Mister Wilson}

Here are some recent Will funnies…..
  • “Wyatt is more of a problem today than yesterday.”
  • Will excitedly looked out the window at the crazy tornado-like wind and said "I know what kind of wind that is! It's push wind b/c it pushed that chair across the deck!" Just thankful he didn't use the T word.
  • This hot sauce was on the dinner table and Will said “Hey Daddy, want some Chinese Liquid?”

  • (Gus ran away earlier this week….he is home now). We had been driving around looking for Gus for awhile and it was dinner time so I said I give up, let’s go eat. And Will yelled from the back of the car “Never give up! Don’t ever give up. Okay?”
And a non-funny Mister Wilson: After an unsuccessful search for Gus….Will got out of his carseat, dropped to his knees and scrunched his face.  I figured he hurt himself and asked what was wrong.  He said he was trying to pray for Gus.  I helped him get started and he asked God to keep Gus safe and bring him home quickly.  So thankful that God answered Will’s prayer that night!


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

you’re my best friend!

I have talked about Ella’s love of pillowcases before.  Well, she still LOVES her pillowcase.  I have made a backup but sadly only the original will do.  I’m not sure what’s going to happen when she can’t climb inside it anymore…..look closely, she is INSIDE the pillowcase.  Kinda like a sleeping bag.   Good thing she’s on the small side!

2012-12-21 (3)

And she has made another friend.  Meet Duck.  Or quack, quack.  She has had this duck for a long time but only in the last few months has she decided he’s her friend.  And it looks like he’s here to stay.  Duck even sleeps in her back up pillowcase.


Duck even has a special spot at the dinner table.  It was a barstool or in her lap.  The barstool was a cleaner/safer place!  He sits here daily.

2013-01-06 (29)

Duck has been around long enough for me to make formal introductions.  Duck, meet the blog.  Blog, meet the Duck.  He joins the rank of Princess Frog and Frog (Wyatt’s).


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

aren’t I pretty?

Ella dressed herself the other day, complete with the hat.  Will had to copy her and get his hat too. 

But Ella asked over and over “aren’t I pretty?”, “don’t I look pretty?”.  Wilson happily answered Yes every single time.  (I think we tell Ella she’s pretty a lot…..) Finally Will asked me if he was handsome.  I, of course, said Yes.  And he said “handsome like Daddy? and Wyatt? and Gus?”.

Love my handsome and pretty three!

2013-01-25 (9)

2013-01-25 (17)

Sunday, January 27, 2013


What a week….the two littles are sick.  Wyatt is getting over bronchitis. And we’re just waiting to see what Ella ends up with.  This is her first sickness since coming home. 

We are watching WAY too much TV and eating whatever they want, whenever they want.

Hoping the rest of us stay well.  Spring can’t get here soon enough!

2013-01-21 (5)

2013-01-27 (7)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Mister Wilson


Will: Does this town have a superhero?   Cause we are going to need one if that bank over there gets robbed.


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

say what {Will + Ella edition}

Ella came running in the room “Guh Guh hit me!”

WIll:  I DID NOT hit Ella three times.

Me:  Did you hit her 2 times?

WIll: Yes.

2013-01-03 (8)

Monday, January 21, 2013

be ready

We had a rare Mom and Will morning.  We had went and had breakfast and then ran errand after errand.  He was in such a good mood, rarely complaining about the boring errands we went on.  Even when we went to the craft store, which to quote WILL “it makes me crazy”.  Wandering aisle after aisle of  fabric he was so well behaved.  Out of no where he asks if there are more babies in China.  If there are boy babies.  Why they don’t have Mommies and Daddies.  Who will be their Mommy and Daddy.  And that he thinks Ella misses her China Mommy.  At some point he weaved his adoption story in there, but I have already forgotten what he asked. 

I answered the questions as simply as possible and he seemed happy with my answers.  But never did I guess this would come up on a “date” and on the fabric aisle of all places. 

I am quickly learning to always be ready with my answers.

2013-01-07 (13)

Friday, January 18, 2013

3 year check

Ella had her 3 year check up.  Thanks to insurance requirements that her check up be 12 month from her last.  Looks like she will always be 6 months late to these checks.

She is now 36 inches.  So she has grown 2.25 inches since we came home. And now weighs 29.5lbs, gaining 5lbs since being home!  She is finally on the charts at 10% for height (25% for weight).  Everything else is perfect for her age.

She did have to get 2 shots.  It was traumatic.  As in she cried for 8 hours.  And when I say 8 hours, I mean other than a few 30 min breaks, nap and food, she was crying.  I tried giving her medicine, food, TV, bribes, nothing worked.  She was distraught and walked like she was in a body cast all day.  I was exhausted and out of ideas.  As a last ditch effort we tried a bath.  Halfway thru the bath I took the band-aid off and she happily said “all better”.  8 hours of hysterical crying over a band-aid.  We even looked at the band-aid and she never acted like it was part of the pain. (We have bigger, underlying  issues I have yet to blog about…..). 

All that said, we will not be using band-aids anytime soon.

We did get a referral for formal speech therapy.  And we are all very excited about that.  Ella loves having her own “school”.


Monday, January 14, 2013

as good as it gets

We attempted to get a family picture.  We are always needing one for our post-adoption updates.  And, we do like to document the fact that there are five of us in this family. 

These days attempting such a feat is painful, exhausting and usually unproductive.

Exhibit A, B, and C:
Actually, there are about 20-30 attempts, these were the only ones I was willing to embarrass myself share with the public.

SONY DSC                       SONY DSC

Getting 3 kids to look at the camera is nearly impossible.  And if they do look at the camera they are not all smiling.


Mimi and Poppy had better results, and had to take fewer pictures.  Though the faces aren’t exactly smiling.



A few weeks later we attempted it again.  And well, this is as good as it gets.  No worries, I will keep trying!
This is why I have not paid for professional pictures yet….why waste good money!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

party party

We have had a few busy weeks of celebrating.  Mister T ended up with 3 different parties in one week! That is a lot of cake (plus Wyatt’s half birthday). 

The kids were very excited to celebrate.  They were so happy when Chris got home from work.  Will has watched too much TV because he was determined that this was a surprise party and hid behind the couch yelling surprise every few minutes.

We had an ice cream cake to celebrate and the kids were so excited about the candles. 

2013-01-05 (2)

2013-01-05 (9)

The next day we celebrated again, this time with cinnamon rolls.  Yum!  Wyatt was ready to work the candles again.  And keeping with his tradition, he managed to burn himself.  This time not on the candle but on the pan of rolls.

2013-01-06 (6)

And I can’t remember which celebration it was, but once this week Wyatt managed to spit out a candle.  We were slightly impressed at his aim and projection, and also grossed out at our spit soaked treats.  Crazy kid.

2013-01-06 (10)

Thank goodness we are done with the parties for awhile.  No more parties till Mister Wilson turns FIVE in April!

Friday, January 11, 2013

it’s your (half) birthday….

Happy half birthday to you, Happy half birthday to you……dear Wyatt.


We celebrated Wyatt’s half birthday this week. Once again I debated if it was worth it.  But realizing that I only had to sacrifice 30 minutes of my time to bake the cake and the mix is less than $2.00 how could I not. (technically it cost less than that b/c the other half of the cake is in the freezer for someone else’s half birthday next month) And once again we may have missed the date by a few days.  I will not beat myself up about this until my kids are old enough to read the calendar ;)


Wyatt definitely felt honored as he yelled “my plate, my plate” when he saw we were using his “special day” plate. He grinned as I carried the plate to him, joined in singing with us, and was more than happy to blow out the candles.  Though later I think he was disappointed as he realized there were no gifts with this birthday celebration.  He did carry around a pack of diapers saying “my present?”.  Poor guy.


Thursday, January 10, 2013

get your motor running

Thanks to the Santa (aka the neighbors), we are having lots of fun time outside lately.

Even on the coldest of days, Wilson and Ella are determined to take a spin on their new hogs.

2012-12-26 (18)2012-12-26 (25)2012-12-26 (29)2012-12-26 (33)

SONY DSC                       SONY DSC                       IMG_5592

Wyatt, 2 weeks later, is still not a fan.  He prefers to ride his cars on the porch, they only use foot power.  He did get on one the other day, and hit the gas accidentally, he was not happy about that.

SONY DSC                       SONY DSC

All this fun in the cold results in hot chocolate for these two. (A first for both…)

2012-12-27 (8)2012-12-27 (18)

Wednesday, January 09, 2013


Before you read,I must offer a disclaimer. (And to my 3, when they read this in the future…..) This is by no means stating that one of my 3 is a preferred child.  And I am ABSOLUTELY not arguing bio kids vs “adopted” kids.  I will argue til my dying day there is no difference.  Just observing a few things that took me by surprise...
Will was the one that gave us the title of 'parents,' 5 years after we decided we were  ready to be parents. He taught us how to be a Mom and Dad.  And we thought he hung the moon and was the smartest, cutest kid EVER.  Being the oldest comes with those perks….until the siblings show up.  Somehow we got blessed with 3 kids who were the smartest, cutest people ever!

Ella was also one that we waited on for 5 years.  But she was the one we knew long before we met her.  We called her by name.  We knew (more than likely) she would be petite with black hair and dark almond eyes. When Will came into our family, he was already known as Ella’s brother.  For 5 years everything was labeled “Before China” and “After China”. 

Wyatt was the wild card.  The unexpected one.  The one we were unsure of, regarding his position in the family….would he end up being the baby, or the middle child?  He took us all by complete surprise, as well as challenged us.  His pregnancy was a challenge.  Would he arrive as early as 26 weeks?  Would he be full-term?  Would he be healthy? Or have a heart condition?  Of course, he was full-term and perfectly healthy, and just a little bit stubborn.  I like to say he came into the world angry.  Though, truthfully, he just came in stubbornly, and was pretty quiet until he was about 2 months old.  (I honestly think those two months of quiet was a God thing.  Both my grandparents passed the month after he was born.  Wyatt was on his best behavior until then.  Then he let loose.) 

We found out Wyatt had Reflux, of course. Cranky.  Inconsolable.  Did not like to sleep thru the night for a year.  Sensitive to foods.  You name it, he had it.  They say 'No child under a year gets strep….'   Yup, he got it.  We use to sing “Wyatt, Wyatt, please be quiet.  Wyatt, Wyatt what’s the fuss about.”  We sang it so often that Will could sing along too.  Wyatt was not content being held, not in the swing, not in the car, not on the floor, not sitting up, not crawling, not in the tub, NOT EVER.  Sometime in that first year I started praying that he could learn to be content.  I prayed this verse multiple times a day for him (and for myself….):
Philippians 4:12-13 (NIV)
I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. I can do all this through him who gives me strength.
For the last 2 years whenever he was in the midst of a fit, I would repeat the verse over and over.  Turns out it also helped me be content with my unhappy child.

Occasionally, over the past few months, I would comment that he was the ONLY one of the trio to be content that day.  Happy to play alone for the longest periods of time.  Playing with one train or car, zooming it back and forth for what seemed like hours.  And then it seemed that I was making that comment daily.  And then it occurred to me that I had not been praying Phil 4:12 lately.  And it HIT ME, he was CONTENT!   Praise the Lord, he was CONTENT! 
NOW,I should say, he is still Wyatt, and we still sing his song about being quiet, and our verse is repeated often. When he wants something, he wants it NOW.  But for large chunks of time, he is my happy and content one….as long as you don’t mess with him.
He is our silly, goofy, cheese ball.  He can crack you up with one look.  My heart OVERFLOWS with joy and love for this one.  I was worried that I might never say that about him. He tested me daily for 2 years. So many days I’d look at him and wonder…why a biological child? Why NOW?  Why so close in age? I just did not understand the timing. 
But now there are many days where he is our only comic relief.  He is our consistent smiley face during the day.  My cousin pointed out that maybe God sent him to us to round out the emotions of the other two.  Despite his loud, tornado-like behavior….he is like the eye in the middle of the storm around here.

I didn’t see that personality trait brimming as I spent 2 years praying for contentment.  But what a wonderful surprise and answered prayer!

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Linus {part 3}

If you’ve been around here long enough you know about the elephant blanket, aka Patch. 
Aunt Karen, I’m pretty certain this is the last time I will use this picture on here! :)
If not, I will quickly catch you up.  My baby blanket, a beautiful patchwork quilt of 70’s polyester, is named Patch.  I may or may not still have him ahem(Mom and Dad, try not to be too embarrassed that I have admitted to this yet again on the blog.)  As a joke Chris said if I was unwilling to pass mine on to my kids I should at least make them one.  So I did.  Polyester is cheap, and easy to find.

Will got his prior to Wyatt being born (Linus part 1).  Will actually sleeps with his when it gets colder. He’s not super attached to it, but he is pretty fond of it.
Wyatt got his prior to our referral for Ella (Linus part 2).  Wyatt is NOT a fan.  Though he’s not a fan of blankets in general, or pillows.  I’m holding out hope that he will at least tolerate it when it gets cold this winter.
But the good news today is that Ella now has hers. The fabric on the boys blankets match, so Ella was quick to realize that they had matching blankets and was asking where hers was.  I started it before we moved but never got around to finishing.  I could not find any elephant fabric that wasn’t too busy for the polyester madness on the front.  I wish I had gotten the elephant fabric in pink when I bought the boys.  Of course, I searched high and low and could not find it anywhere now.   Anyway, earlier this summer I found something suitable.  And I finally sat down last week to finish it.  Coincidentally, I finished it on the eve of Ella’s Gotcha Day.  So I think it was fitting that I gave it to her on our Ella anniversary.
She was excited to finally have a matching blanket. She knew right away what it was, and that it matched the boys.  She had actually helped me sew a few of the pieces over the last few months so she recognized it quickly. 
She has used it at bedtime ever since she received it….though she may change her mind about it later.
Thrilled to be done with my last Patch quilt!  Now I need to finally get started on Ella’s 100 Wishes quilt!  (And if you haven’t sent us a square, there is still time!)
And for those of you with a wicked sense of humor, yes, I do have enough squares for many more blankets.  Not because I think we have there are future children in mind, just many future replacement blankets.