Friday, December 21, 2012

the best Christmas pageant ever!

Will had his school Christmas program last week.  I will be honest and say I was dreading it.  I was excited to see Mister Wilson perform but dreaded having Wyatt and Ella sit still for a program so close to bed time.  Wyatt was being Wyatt (a phrase we use too often) and was done before we even got there.  And Ella had to go potty twice.  But the teachers knew what they were doing…..the program PLUS the refreshments afterwards only lasted an hour total.  Will had to be there early at 6:15 and we were all buckled in the car at 7:30…and we stayed a long time for refreshments.  It’s the little things that you have to be thankful for sometimes.
Chris videoed the program, but I’m not sure when that will make an appearance.  Here are a few pictures I took. It was dark and very crowded, and I was keeping an eye on 2 kiddos.
I couldn’t tell you what the songs were about but there were flashlights involved.  And that they got to keep them :)
2012-12-06 (10)2012-12-06 (13)2012-12-06 (15)
Afterwards the kids had cookies and punch….which led to Will and Wyatt chasing and wrestling, their new thing.2012-12-06 (22)2012-12-06 (25)

It was a fun evening for Mister Wilson.  He got to show his school, teacher and friends off to his family.

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