Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Santa has landed….

We had a wonderful Christmas morning.  And the best part was introducing Ella to the chaos the day brings.

Warning:  Lots of pictures and words ahead….this is a super long post

This was before the kids woke up.  You can imagine what it looked like after.  Ella had a very pink Christmas.  Wyatt’s was very blue (Thomas) and Will’s was very black (batman).  The kids were so excited.  And Will said over and over “this is exactly what I wanted!”.  I’d say we all had a great day.

2012-12-25 cmas day (4)

Will was up first, which meant we HAD to wake up the littles.  Ella was excited.  She jumped right up when Will told her Santa came.  Wyatt was NOT happy to be woken up and caused quite the hold-up.

Poor Will, in a moment of complete seriousness, asked if Santa came.  And if he left him a present.  He was so concerned and so sad.  His eyes got huge when I said he had left him presents.  (We had had a rough few days with behavior….)

This is Ella and Will anxiously waiting to go into the den.
Will and Ella were holding microphones that Mimi had given them the night before…

2012-12-25 cmas day (5)

We put up a “curtain” to block off the family room from the hallway.  Will still wakes up at night and gets in bed with us. I was worried that he would take a peak at the presents by accident.  Turns out he did not even wake up that night.  It ended up being a fun way for the kids to get to their presents.  Well, everyone but Wyatt.  He stayed on the other side and cried.  Poppy helped him out.


Mister Wilson got his long awaited Bat Cave.  He has wanted one since his birthday and Santa came thru.  He was so excited I didn’t even get a picture!

Wyatt got a train table and trains.  He doesn’t look to excited, but he really was.  Since getting this he often disappears to his room by himself to play for hours!  He likes peace and quiet, and trains.

2012-12-25 cmas day (10)

Santa heard Ella’s pleas for her very own LeapPad.  I’m sure Will is pleased he doesn’t have to share his now.  And Santa thought she’d enjoy a pink guitar.  The best part is the guitar yells “Girls Rock!” randomly….and now Wyatt says it often.  Money well spent.


Stockings were a hit.  Wyatt discovered a few more trains.  Will found lots of angry bird goodies.  And they each got special toothbrushes.  Ella was pretty excited about her Tinkerbelle toothbrush.

2012-12-25 cmas day (21)

Ella opens her first gift!  (I can’t remember what it was now….)

2012-12-25 cmas day (38)

She also got a Barbie golf cart (not that she’s into Barbie, but she is pretty fond of Poppy’s golf cart. Plus it’s pink).


Wyatt opens a gift picked out by Will, a Thomas bath toy.
Wyatt surprised me by being all excited about the gifts.  He was constantly searching for the next one to open.  He was so into it this year.


Wyatt opens another Thomas gift….all he got was Thomas this year.  I love how his little toes clutch the side of the gift.  He likes to use all of his appendages.


Will picked out a set of Minnie Mouse puzzles for Ella.  She loved it and thanked him with a big hug.


I didn’t end up with many pictures of Will opening gifts, he was moving too quickly.  Mimi heard he wanted the ship from Jake and Neverland Pirates.  He LOVES it.  He also got a pretty cool looking batman transformer car.  He thinks it is so cool!  (Thanks Poppy for such an awesome gift!)


And Santa also surprised us with these two go-bikes on our front porch.  (And by Santa, I mean the neighbors gave us their gently used bikes….hence the reason there are just two.)

The kids were so excited that they grabbed the first shoes they saw and headed out.  It was freezing cold and they only had on PJs and flip flops/crocs.  They didn’t last long.
And would you know that Wyatt wants NOTHING to do with these go-bikes.  Despite his love for all things motorcycle he hates these.  He doesn’t like loud noises so it has worked out (for now) that there are only two.

SONY DSC                       SONY DSC

We spent the afternoon napping and getting ready for the T family celebration later that night.

It was so chaotic that the only picture I got was of the kiddie table.

We had a very blessed Christmas.  And it was so special to celebrate Ella’s first Christmas.  She loved every second of it!

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