Sunday, December 30, 2012

one year home!

We have been home 12 months!! Still hard to believe it’s been a year since we stepped off that plane and became a family of five.  I have a ton to say about how life is actually going but right now I want to mention all the things Ella is up to and loves after being at home for a year!SONY DSC
Ella fully understands every.single.thing we say.  You can't get much past her.  And she speaks pretty well, all things considered.  She is more than able to get her point across :) And recently she started speech therapy to help with her pronunciation.  Her favorite phrase is "..all the time". She adds that to most anything she says.  "Wyatt mean, all the time."  "I like cookies, all the time."  "I go potty, all the time."  Her newest phrase, which is the best of all, is "all my family".  She says this whenever the 5 of us are in the same spot at once.  She opens her arms wide and says it with a smile on her face.
She loves to remind us to pray at meal time and bedtime.  Her #1 request when praying is for "my friend Yaya [Hope], her momma, daddy, brother, sister".  Her favorite bedtime stalling tactic is to ask to pray multiples times for Yaya. :)
She also can identify most letters in the alphabet. And can consistently count to 12!  And she can make some pretty silly faces and has quite the sense of humor.
Right now Ella's favorite song is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (it sounds like Twankle Twankle when she says it).  Lately I have caught her singing Happy Birthday when she is all alone. Her favorite Christmas song was Jingle Bells.  
She still loves Dora.  She finally sits thru a whole episode.  Though she's pretty fond of Thomas and Chuggington too, thanks to Wyatt.  She occasionally enjoys Mickey Mouse, Little Bear and Blues Clues.  She can take or leave her dolls.  Mimi got her hooked on one doll, Betsy, for a few weeks but that love quickly faded.  She would rather have cars and trucks.  She likes to keep up with the boys.
Her favorite book right now is Rain Drop Plop.  She has every word memorized.  We read it at naptime and again at bedtime.  Another favorite is Fred and Ted and My First Chinese New Year.  
Ella is still a pretty adventurous eater.  Tacos, hotdogs, turkey, ham, oatmeal, eggs, chicken and any fruit and will try most veggies.  Hard to say what her favorite meal is.  She does love her fruits though.  And absolutely has a sweet tooth.  She finally started enjoying milk.  But loves V8 juice (the fruit blend).  Oh, and nuts.....she could eat a pound of nuts easily!  That is her favorite snack.DSC03827crop
She can keep up with whatever the boys are doing.  Running, climbing, jumping, skipping, pedaling.  There is nothing she cannot do.  She does a great job coloring and loves puzzles.  I guess all this to say, she is perfectly on track in every single area.  Pretty impressive I think.  
Her favorite color is still pink.  Though purple, blue and green occasionally get a vote.
Ella LOVES to help.  So much so that I often feel like I am taking advantage of her.  She loves to move clothes from the wash to the dryer.  Putting up socks and undies in the drawers.  Cleaning up toys.  Unloading the (non-sharp) silverware in the dishwasher.  If I even step in the direction of the laundry room she comes running "I help you!!!!!".  Same goes with the mixer.  If I even move it she comes running.   She helps so often that if she sees two sticks of butter she yells "cookies".  Smart girl :)
So grateful to have this one year mark under our belt now.  I feel much more confident facing our second year together as a family of five now. I cannot wait to see what 2013 brings for all of us!
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