Monday, December 31, 2012

extra Christmas pics

Before we close the year out and move on to non-holiday things I have a few more holiday pics to share. 

Flynn had a pretty quiet last week with us.  Guess the NorthPole was keeping him out of mischief.  One morning we were surprised to find him outside our kitchen window. I guess he was attempting to put up Christmas lights but didn’t get to finish before the kids got up and just left a strand dangling!  

Elf- Flynn-003

Otherwise, it was a quiet week.  Though the last night he was stuck in our fireplace.  He left a nice note saying it was time to go home till next year.Elf- Flynn-002

Christmas Eve we had a visit from Santa our mailman.   Apparently he does have a side job as a Santa’s helper.  He normally wears his outfit on Christmas Eve but the weather didn’t cooperate.   Ella and Wyatt were excited to see him.  Ella just KNEW he was Santa.  Wyatt just thought he was the mailman and was happy to sit next to him. Wyatt was really just waiting for a chance to sit in the drivers seat (this is not his first time to sit in the mail truck).


Christmas Eve we had dinner with Mimi and Poppy.  Ella and Mimi put on their festive wear for the occasion.

And one last picture from Mimi’s camera on Christmas morning.  Will giving me his gift, craft scissors.  He was SO excited to give them to me.  And so proud that he had helped wrap them.  Sweet boy.


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