Saturday, December 22, 2012

christmas fun with a side of elf

I knew better than to attempt gingerbread houses with these three.  So we made Christmas trees out of ice cream cones instead.  And they were a hit!  I hope this is a new tradition for us.  The kids had a lot of fun, and ate way too much icing and candy.

2012-12 Dec

We forgot to put up our supplies when we finished and I guess Flynn wanted in on the fun as well.  Here is the lovely creation he left for us when we got up the next morning.  Looks like he got as messy as the kids.

2012-12-17 (1)

2012-12-17 (2)

Flynn also answered a question Mister Wilson had for him.
(We overheard Will talking to Flynn one evening asking if he knew Tinkerbelle.  We suggested he write him a note.  Flynn was nice enough to reply back.)

2012-12-17 (5)

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