Friday, November 30, 2012

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

a day worth waiting for

I have waited a LONG time for this.  This ranks right up there with our wedding day and bringing our 3 babies home.  And you are probably going to roll your eyes.

The day has finally arrived that we are going to Disney WITH a child!  The last few times we went to Disney Chris swore we would not be back until we had kids.  And since that plan took a bit longer than expected we made it back minus kids several more times.

One of the last times I was at Magic Kingdom we happened to get there before the gates opened.  I didn’t realize there was a special opening ceremony with Mickey and friends.  We waited out front with the rest of the crowd and watched the opening ceremonies.  I remember noticing a family with a toddler and when Mickey made his grand appearance the little boy was SO excited, screaming and clapping.  I remember getting a little teary as I looked on….we were in the thick of the fertility issues and I was beginning to have doubts that we would ever start a family.   (The fact that an infertile woman, a hormonal mess on fertility meds, was at Magic Kingdom was just torture.  And a bit insane since, at that moment, I either hated people with small children or they made me cry…..but it was a work trip, and I was there.)

But I remember watching the family and thinking one day I would bring my child back to watch that opening ceremony and see the magic in their eyes. 
The day has finally arrived!!!!!  We are taking Mister Wilson to Magic Kingdom this week.  It’s a surprise.  (And it’s a spontaneous trip….we just decided a few weeks ago.)  Wyatt and Ella are at home missing out on the fun.  We decided this needed to be a big boy trip for now.  In a few more years we will go back with all 3.

But the reason this ranks up there on my “best day ever” list is because I have such fond memories of going to Disney as a child.  I went for the first time when I was a toddler.  And then made too many trips to count to Disneyland (in CA) when we would visit my grandparents.  They lived close enough you could see some of the fireworks each evening from their yard.  Of course, there were many more trips to Orlando.  I have been lucky enough to visit Disney at Christmas many times and I must say it’s my favorite time to go.  So when we decided to go at the spur of the moment, the fact that we could go while it is decorated for the holidays sealed the deal for me.

This will be a very short, very laid back trip.  We will spend both days at Magic Kingdom doing whatever Mister Wilson wants to do.  We have already seen it all ourselves and will just follow his lead both days.  I CANNOT wait!

Stay tuned….there will be plenty of pictures when we return.

And I do not normally mention that we are out of town but our home is not empty.  We have a vicious dog at our home protecting our other two kids…..and of course, the grandparents. 


I wish I had thought to find a picture from my first visit but I ran out of time.  Instead, here is a picture from our first visit together. 


Mouse Day 1

Mister Wilson is the best! He lasted 8 hours in the car before asking how much longer. And that only happened once he found out where we were going. No worries, there is a video of hm finding out. We went low-tech on this trip so you will have to wait till we get home to see video and pictures. Last night we walked around Downtown Disney. On the bus ride home he fell asleep. We had China flashbacks as we lugged a sleeping Will all the way back to the room. Off to meet the Mouse in a few hours!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Wyatt {2 years, 4 months}

2012-11-15 (53)

Mister Wyatt is really coming into his own lately.  He is showing off his personality BIG time lately.  Actually, I’ve probably already said that before.  But Wyatt is doing/saying all kinds of crazy things that I would love to remember.

He frequently says “How YOU doin’ Momma?”. He sounds like Joey on Friends and it cracks me up every time.

He now grabs your face with both chubby, sticky hands and says “I wub you”.  It makes everything better to hear him say that.

He loves to crawl into your lap and quietly say “meow”.  No clue why he says it, but it is the sweetest thing ever.  It’s almost like his little love language.

2012-11-15 (71)

He plays with his cars and trucks but calls them Thomas, Percy, Gordon, James, etc. Safe to say he’s asking for Thomas trains for Christmas.

His favorite thing to do with his trains is to say “crash” and make them have a big ole pile up. Or break up the train track and say “crack in the track!”.

He equally loves Thomas and Chuggington.  Percy is his favorite on Thomas.  Koko is his favorite on Chuggington.

Chris likes to read Wyatt’s Thomas books with an English accent.  Wyatt is NOT a fan.  When Chris opens up the book the first thing Wyatt says is “no silly,Daddy” or “no funny, Daddy”.   If Chris does it too much then Wyatt closes the book and comes running for me to read it. 

2012-11-15 (79)

In case it wasn’t obvious, Wyatt’s life revolves around trains.  He loves them!  He will play, alone, for the longest time with his trains.  Though if he invites you to play trains he will not give up until you join him.  And he will tell you exactly where to sit!

He is the loudest, grumpiest, most affectionate toddler in this house.  And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

last turkey call

Tonight we had our last Thanksgiving dinner (though we have plenty of turkey leftovers!).  Will deemed tonight’s festivities Ham Day instead of Turkey Day since we were having ham instead. 


I convinced the kids to pose for one turkey picture before our last hurrah.  They agreed and I was thankful!


These two are about as goofy as it gets. 


So very thankful to have THREE turkeys to celebrate with this year!

Now we can move on to Christmas…..

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving {2012, Ella’s first}

Tuesday we started Thanksgiving early with Mister Wilson’s Thanksgiving lunch.  He was SO excited to see Ella and I when we showed up.  We met his new friends and learned what he was thankful for - Family, Dog, Logan (he’s never mentioned this friend), Aquarium, Zoo, Buzz Lightyear.

2012-11-20 Ws Tgiving party (3)

We also spent some time on the playground where he showed Ella around.  And I got to spend some time with his teacher (love hearing someone brag on my biggest boy!).

2012-11-20 Ws Tgiving party (16)

Thursday morning after a festive breakfast Ella and I started on our apple pie.  Ella is a great helper in the kitchen!  She handed me apples while I peeled and cut.  After each one she’d tell me “good job”. 

2012-11-22 Tgiving (3)

The pie had a crumb top which involved cutting in butter.  She did ALL of it by herself!!!  By the time I came back to finish up and check she did it all successfully. 

2012-11-22 Tgiving (8)

And for the record, our pie tasted wonderful!  And she enjoyed it too. 

Ella’s first Thanksgiving was perfect….complete with apple pie made by Ella Wei!

3 little turkeys


Happy Thanksgiving from my turkeys to yours!

I thank my God every time I remember you.  Philippians 1:3


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

is it Wednesday yet?

I was going to do this as Wordless Wednesday until I realized it’s just Tuesday (well, technically Monday but I am posting this Tuesday….).

So here is a very random post…..

Chris has been off a few days here and there and I have no clue what day of the week it is.  Plus it’s a short week (for him) and he’s off all next week so I am totally confused!  It doesn’t take much these days.

We are staying super busy with random stuff.  Some good, some bad.  At this point I feel like we are just trying to get thru the day. 

I realized that this weekend is the last Saturday we have that is unscheduled.  That is depressing.  I was hoping this was the year that we slowed down long enough to enjoy the holidays.  I guess we are making up for last year.

We MAY put up the tree this week.  I am a anti-November tree putter-upper.  But with the craziness I better just get it over with so I can move on to the next thing on my list.

Thankfully the weather has been nice so we have had TONS of outdoor time.  It is good for everyone!

The kids like to play “naptime” in the window sills.  I have no earthly idea why this is fun, but it happens daily.  Wyatt was doing it too but they sent him off to the other side of the porch for his nap and I wasn’t fast enough to get his picture. 

2012-11-15 (16)

Monday, November 19, 2012

Before & After: 2 cans of spray paint later {the fireplace}

I’ve fallen a bit behind in the before and afters.  We have slowed down drastically in home repairs, but I am happy to report we are DONE picking out paint colors and painting!  And by we, I mean Chris is done painting.  All of the rooms have been updated, yay!

Now, the fireplace was high on our list of things to fix.  But only because of the gold cover caught our eye every time we walked thru the room (which is about every 5 minutes).  However, we did not want to spend money to replace it. 

Last weekend, on a whim, Chris took the cover off to see how bad it looked without anything.  Not too bad.  But then we decided to head to the store to see about a replacement. Then we found out that a) they do not actually sell these at the home improvement store and b) the brochure said they are $300!

So on to plan B.  Chris recently spray painted a light fixture and we decided we had nothing to loose on the fireplace.  If it was a bust we’d just leave the cover off and deal with it. 

A trip to Ace to get our (new) favorite spray paint.  Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze. It’s the perfect color and has the perfect texture.  You cannot tell it has been painted!  Chris primed it first and then 2 cans of this later and it looks fantastic!

So here is the gold beauty before……

2012-04-08 Easter (Ella's first) (136)


And after, doesn’t it look so much better?!  LOVE it!!!!

And I am beyond thrilled that it is fixed in time for the “stockings were hung by the chimney with care….”

fireplace (8)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

he likes it, he likes it!

I have blogged many times before how picky Wyatt is.  (And how he may come by that naturally ahem.

Wyatt has developed a deep love for cereal.  (We do not share that same love.)  If it’s up to Wyatt he would have cereal or oatmeal (or pancakes) 3-5 times a day. 

His #1 favorite is Rice Krispies.  There were many days he would have 3 bowls, just at breakfast!  He would put his ear near the bowl and yell “hear it” over and over.  But we were quickly reminded that he has rice issues.  He had them as a baby and apparently still does.  I have no clue what they do to him but they make him the grumpiest baby on the block.  We quit having it and he was pleasant again.  SAME thing happened when he was 5 months old and we added rice cereal to his bottles.  Lesson learned - NO MORE RICE products!  (now to hide the box….Ella and daddy love them too!)

Thankfully Wyatt is also a big fan of “square” cereal.  He asks for squares daily (Life cereal).  So far he likes original and cinnamon flavored.  When he eats he flips the spoon over once it reaches his mouth.  He does this every.single.time.  I cannot watch him eat for fear that he will dump cereal everywhere.  So far, he’s pretty neat.  And he usually insists on having a napkin, opened up, under his bowl.

I will happily let him have cereal or oatmeal (always strawberry) all day long.  I am just thankful that he has finally found something he likes to eat on a consistent basis. 

Must go to the store and buy more Life and milk.  We are OUT!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

super duper day!

Pretty sure Ella would say Wednesday was a super duper day.  Guess who we got to see?!  YaYa.

Ella was grinning the whole drive down her street.


She giggled at the sight of YaYa.  And I know YaYa remembered Ella from last time.  She had the cutest look on her face when we got there.


And the best part was that Ella got to introduce Daddy to her friend YaYa.  Pretty sure that was the best part of the day for her.



Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Today is my Daddy’s birthday!  There aren’t enough words to express how thankful we are to have him in our life.  He is the best Daddy and Poppy a girl could ask for.

I’m pretty sure he enjoyed his birthday week with Mister Wilson at the beach.


And the birthday celebration at home last night.  Nothing like 3 spitting, germy toddlers blowing your candles out for you.

SAM_4744 - Copy

Poppy, we hope you enjoy your very special day!

2012-11 November


Monday, November 12, 2012

guess what?

Guess who has some exciting news to share?

Mommy finally got her act together and jumped into potty training.

Princess E decided to show off big time and completed the task in record time!


We started the second Mister Wilson left for his beach adventure.  She had an accident within an hour and then worked her magic the rest of the day.  She was a quick study and had no more accidents and was quickly letting me know when she had to go.

The second day was the same story.  First accident the first hour in and then successful the rest of the day.  Doing ALL of her business on the potty <ahem>.  She continued to let me know when she had to go.  By the afternoon I was no longer asking her, she was telling me.

Friday I got brave and headed out of the house.  Where she held it thru 2 stores and raced to the bathroom once home.  She is using the baby potty and the regular one.  She is a pottying champ!!!!  To celebrate our success at the end of the 2nd day Daddy took her to get a donut.


I should point out that I think Ella was trained to some extent prior to coming home.  And she is almost 3.5 years old so she was more than ready to be trained.  We had a lot in our favor.  Glad we finally crossed this hurdle!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

fun in the sun

Mister Wilson has been enjoying his time in the sun this week with Mimi and Poppy.  We are getting pictures and reports daily of all the exciting things they are doing.

When on vacation you start your day with a sprinkled donut.

image (7)

Build giant sandcastles.

image (2)


Feed the seagulls.

image (6)

End the day by falling asleep at the dinner table.  Reminds me of China.  I’m pretty sure he can fall asleep anywhere, anytime.

image (21)

Will has a current fascination with hoodies…..

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Once upon a time….

There once was a time when I showered and washed my hair at the start of the day…

These days….not so much. 

So for the few that see me out and about often think to themselves….wonder why she doesn’t attempt to shower/fix herself up?  Here are reasons #1 and #2.  #3 was on vacation….


And in case you are wondering, the camera happened to be on the counter.  I grabbed it and stepped back in the shower to re-create the scene.  These 2 never moved for fear I was re-showering.

It doesn’t matter if everyone is happy, bellies full, and their favorite show is on….if they hear the shower turn on they run like the world has ended and scream and yell until I get out.  Something about being behind that frosted shower door makes them think the worst has happened.  There is no amount of bribery that will get them back to the couch.  And don’t be fooled.  They don’t sit there with smiles on.  They sit there fighting and hitting and crying.  Remember that next time you see me and I don’t look so hot, haha.  I plan on resuming scheduled showers when all 3 are in school.


Wednesday, November 07, 2012

packed and ready

Someone is packed and ready for the beach!!! (While wearing Daddy’s work shirt….)


Let’s see what’s in that suitcase…..seems like a few important items are missing.


Good thing Mommy handled packing!

Someone in this house is going on vacation soon!

Will’s new school picture has nothing to do with this post, but too darn cute not to share!



Tuesday, November 06, 2012

2 years, 4 months

I have been thinking about this age for awhile…..2 years and 4 months.  Ella was 2 years and 4 months old when she was placed in our arms in that bright red office in Chongqing.  Wyatt is now 2 years and 4 months old. 

I have a hard time wrapping my head around that. 

It’s one thing thinking, preparing for a new child and then traveling across the globe to bring them home.  And while I was very aware of all the things she was leaving and losing I didn’t have enough perspective.  Now that Wyatt is that same exact age my heart is breaking for the things she lost.

I just keep imagining what if Wyatt was sent across the globe to live somewhere else.  I can imagine him seeking Chris and me out.  Wondering where his beloved frog blanket is and his favorite car and car book.  Wanting to ask where Mimi and Poppy are (like he asks every hour on the hour….).  We are the only people Wyatt knows.  He would be lost without us. Ella had relationships as well….. and she lost them ALL.  Watching the world thru his eyes now, and thinking about Ella losing everything she did at that same age is such a reality check. 

This reminder is what I need some days when we are dealing with baggage left and right. She still has so much healing left to do.


Monday, November 05, 2012

say what?

Wyatt, while trying to use the baby potty:  “PRIVACY, shut the door!”

Me asking Ella how she got hurt and if someone pushed her down:  “Wei Wei push self down.”  At least she didn’t try to blame someone else.

Ella was playing peek-a-boo with me by hiding behind the door. Playing along I acted shocked and surprised and asked where she came from.  Without missing a beat she said “China” and ran off to the other room.

Ella sitting with Chris on the couch…he asked her what show she wanted to watch (it was her turn to choose a show).  She thought for a moment and then said “football”.  Chris was happy to oblige.  Oddly enough she asks to watch this often.

I pointed out that the sunset had turned the mountain pink Will said he already knew that because he could see the golden trees.

Wyatt is lying on his belly, trying to rub his back and yelling "someone rub my back"


2012-10-26 (219)

Sunday, November 04, 2012

sunday snapshot {fall is here! today is the day!}

Mister Wilson has been asking if it’s fall yet.  Because in his mind, it only lasts for one day.  (though that may be a bit true with TN weather….).

But this was the day that fall arrived.  Or rather, this is the day Daddy raked up the leaves into a big pile.

And this was our sweet girls first taste of fall fun.  And she was giddy!  It took her about 2 seconds to see what all the fuss was about and she was right in the middle with Will playing and squealing.  The look on her face was genuine - delight, excitement and surprise all mixed together.

And while this isn’t Wyatt’s first experience with leaf piles, he is a bit more aware this time around.  And in true Wyatt fashion he was a bit hesitant at first.  So we sat on the side, where he was happy to watch the Bigs play.  But after about 15 minutes he decided to give it a try.  I think he ended up being the last one out!

SONY DSC                       2012-104
Will, always the leader.  Ella, ever the follower. 


On your mark, get so, GO!

Captured Videos2012-0132012-011

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