Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick OR Treat

Ella had her first every Halloween experience.  And she enjoyed every single second of it.  Her sweet tooth was all about this experience.

We had a super hero theme.  Even Chris was sporting a Captain America shirt, though it was so cold no one ever saw it.  Will was Batman.  Ella was a Pink Superhero.  If you asked what she was she’d say “Pink”.  And Wyatt was Super Wy.  Though he also had on a Charlie Brown shirt on underneath.  He was not a fan of the cape so I didn’t want him to be costume-less.  Turns out he liked the cape so we confused everyone we passed. 

Everyone had a great time.  I was worried Wyatt would hate it, but after the 3rd or so house he was all about running to the door.  Ella would get mad if we passed by a house with lights on and didn’t stop.  One house even had a scary (live) witch out front and she was mostly fine.  That girl loves her candy. 

I believe she had a GREAT first Halloween.  And I think Wyatt enjoyed his first “real” Halloween too.

On to the pictures. This was the best pic I could get of all 3.

2012-10-31 Halloween(2)

The first door - No one was home!

2012-10-31 Halloween(9)

Second door- CANDY!

2012-10-31 Halloween(10)

Three tiny kids that like to be carried + hills + cold = lazy trick-or-treating.

2012-10-31 Halloween(16)

Will and all his glow sticks.  They might have been more excited about the glow sticks than the candy.  *might*

2012-10-31 Halloween(19)

Here is the only picture I have of Wyatt.  He refused to try the costume on beforehand (sorry Wyatt, maybe you’ll have pictures next year).

2012-10-31 Halloween(29)

Here is Ella in her costume, when it was MUCH warmer.


Batman Wilson

SONY DSC                       SONY DSC                       SONY DSC

SONY DSC                       SONY DSC

pumpkin time!

Sunday night was the night to carve the pumpkin!  Of course, this was Ella’s first pumpkin carving and she was all excited.  I don’t have a pic of her touching the pumpkin guts but she loved it!
2012-10-28 pumpkin carving (2)
Mister Wilson was NOT a fan of the guts. I would say the same as last year but I realized we didn’t carve a pumpkin last year….or at least there are no pictures/blog post about it.
2012-10-28 pumpkin carving (7)
Ella alternated between scooping with a spoon and using her hands.  She worked hard to get all of those seeds out.
2012-10-28 pumpkin carving (6)
After Ella had already done all of the hard work Wyatt decided he wanted to see what the fuss was all about.  Turns out he was a fan too.  And I guess this is really his first pumpkin too.
2012-10-28 pumpkin carving (16)
Wyatt enjoyed it so much he started signing “more”.  He signs that when he is super excited about something.

2012-10-28 pumpkin carving (18)
And 2 thumbs up to Daddy for carving the perfect pumpkin!
2012-10-28 pumpkin carving (24)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

September Videos

a few short clips from last month...

Monday, October 29, 2012

Referral-versary! (10.31)

I’m posting this early before Halloween and pumpkin madness take over the blog.

On October 31st it will be a year since we found out Wei Wei was our daughter.

After 5 years of waiting, it was a relief to finally see her face.  This sweet, but sad, face was the missing piece to our puzzle.

Qian Chun Wei 8-22-11crop

This year we get to look at this sweet, usually smiling, face. 


I cannot believe how fast a year goes when you have kids.  Time FLIES.


Happy Referral Day Ella Wei!


Saturday, October 27, 2012

first dental visit

Ella had her first visit to the dentist last week.  She hasn’t been to a doctor since this spring so I wasn’t sure how she would react.  She was a bit nervous at first.  But she looked over and saw Will having his teeth cleaned so I think she decided to give it a chance.

2012-10-26 E's first dentist visit (4)

Soon she laid back and showed her pearly whites. And they cleaned them all up with some chocolate toothpaste.  I was a bit apprehensive as to what they would fine but they said everything looked great!  No major issues! YAY!

2012-10-26 E's first dentist visit (3)

Another “first” marked off the list!

2012-10-26 (12)

Friday, October 26, 2012

that about sums it up

Here are the skills Wilson has learned from soccer. 

Flirting.  As you can tell, he’s right on track. Funny faces will win her over I’m sure.
This little blonde is the only girl on the team.  And for the first few weeks she was the only player Will (and the other boys) knew by name. Figures.

The other skill Wilson has acquired is “throwing fire”, complete with sound effects.  We saw this lovely skill a few weeks ago and prayed it was a one time thing.  But nope, it’s a soccer skill according to W.  He “throws” fire at the ball to a) make it go faster, b) bring it to him, c) make cracks in the ground, d) get it away from the other team.  And then because he’s a team player, he taught the other Will on the team his strategy.  Not sure if Will is giving him love or what in the bottom right picture but the other Will’s strategy was to throw water bombs (aka bombers). 

We are taking our own team down, one player at a time :)

2012-10 Oct

Thursday, October 25, 2012

say what?

We took Ella in for a long-overdue initial speech evaluation.  While we haven’t yet had the follow-up appointment, it was painfully obvious that she needs some help.  (At the follow-up appointment we will find out exactly how much help she needs.)  On the positive side, I was impressed with the amount of words she knew.  I knew she had a good vocabulary but it was nice to sit back and listen to how many words she actually knew.  Unfortunately, no one understood what she was saying but me.  Hence the reason we were there. 
I hate that we put it off so long.  When we came home and got settled enough for her to start picking up the language she was close to her 3rd birthday and it was best to wait until she turned 3 since the Early Intervention services change at age 3.  So we called in August to schedule an evaluation but the first available was mid-October!  Either way, we are going to get help now.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

more of last fall

I’m feeling all kinds of nostalgic and taking a look back at least year when we received our referral.  Click Here for the beginning, in case you missed it.
I’m pretty sure the only thing I like about fall is the changing of the leaves (I am not a fan of cool weather….).  I love seeing the bright colors as we drive around.  And Will loves to say “today must be fall, look at all the leaves coming down.”
2011-11-05 (6)
The changing of the seasons instantly takes me back to last year.  And I have a feeling every fall going forward will do the same.  I can remember so many of the events so very clearly still, so I better write them down before I forget.
At the time I questioned enrolling the boys in Mother’s Day Out so quickly after leaving work.  Wasn’t the point that I stay at home with them now?  But I signed them up and had time to myself (or so I thought) on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Who knew all that free time would come in so handy?!
2011-11-05 (13)
Halloween was on a Monday last year….the day we got THE call.  After the boys were dropped off at school Tuesday I started making phone calls.  I remember sitting in the parking lot of their school and talking to the Pediatric Cardiologist’s nurse.  She gave me a ton of info and made an exception for me to email our file to them and they’d call back later that day.  Time was of the essence because we had to make a decision on Tuesday in order to get our paperwork ready on Wednesday and overnight it to arrive on Thursday.  We had no time to waste!
I later called our pediatrician and talked to her once I got back home from dropping off the medical records at her office.  She agreed with our initial thoughts and said she thought it was a good match if everything sounded good from the cardiologist. 
The night prior I had emailed a doctor at the International Adoption Clinic. She is known for helping with quick referrals and had already responded with an email saying she’d call that afternoon.  The cardiologist quickly returned our call and said everything looked great as well.  So now I waited for our last phone call.
2011-11-05 (141)
As it turns out Will had a doctors appointment that afternoon.  It was for a follow up to check on his ear tubes.  Every visit we’ve had at that office has resulted in a 3 hour wait and I did not have time for that today.  Mimi was already keeping Wyatt for the afternoon so Will and I pretended to go to the doctors office (since Mimi didn’t know) and instead went to bookstore.  We got there right as the last doctor called us back.  Perfect timing as Will was content playing with trains and there was no one else around.  I talked to the doctor while furiously scribbling notes the entire 30 minute call.  She was the last piece we needed and she gave us no reason for concern.  I hung up and quickly called Chris to tell him the good news.  All our areas of concern had been put to rest and we felt confident that was our girl!
2011-11-05 (59)
The idea that we were actually going to add a daughter to our family was slowly starting to sink in.  Once we finished a mountain of paperwork we could tell our families!

Chris here, feeling the nostalgia as well…

Just wanted to add a little tag to Julie’s above post. At this point we had Ella’s picture and only Julie and I had seen it. I was dying to show anyone and everyone but knew it would be best to just keep the news to ourselves for the time being. Still, I wanted to do something, anything to keep my mind occupied. So I just decided to pull together a bunch of pics of the boys growing up, and then throw in a subtle hint of the news we had just received. I kept wracking my brain and I remembered a picture I took for when we first set up the blog. I figured the ‘e’ on the door was the most I could show without spilling the beans entirely, so that’s what I went with. By the time I posted the video on the blog, a couple family members & friends were aware of our news, and they caught on right away. Here’s a re-post of the video below:

Friday, October 19, 2012

A year later….

It was a year ago (on my birthday actually) that I became a stay-at-home-mom.  It’s exactly like I imagined, and nothing like I imagined.  We have had an interesting year filled with surprises!  Who knew I’d be a mom to 3 a year later!


Last year before I began my new “job” we took a 4 day trip without kids.  I’d like to say the trip was relaxing but it sadly wasn’t.  The timing was bad and we were in the midst of attempting to switch adoption agencies.  I met someone online (who is now a real friend) who had successfully transferred, and was immediately matched, and we hoped to follow in her footsteps.  We got pretty far into the transfer process but our current agency put a stop to that.  We sensed God was working things out but all of this came to a crossroads during our trip.  A bulk of the trip was spent checking email, responding to emails and discussing our options.  At least we had some quality (quiet) time to discuss this without interruption.  That was a blessing.


The rest of September and all of October was spent discussing various scenarios.  It boiled down to 2 options, having a referral in a matter of weeks assuming the new agency could find a match that fit the transfer criteria the old agency insisted on or waiting it out 2 more years with our current agency.  We just had to leave it with God that we’d be able to switch and be matched in His time. 

….Do not be afraid or discouraged because of this vast army. For the battle is not yours, but God’s… 2 Chronicles 20:15

We at least had peace about it all, despite the chaos and stress.


October brought us 2-3 phone calls from both agencies attempting to match us.  Sadly, none were a fit for our family.  But it became a joke that every time a long distance # showed up on the caller ID that we were getting a referral.  In fact, we got 2 calls in the same day (from both agencies).

By the end of October we were exhausted from being in limbo and things looked like we’d be making the switch to the new agency finally. The new agency had several files that met our needs as well as the transfer criteria.  We had our fingers crossed to be matched by the beginning of 2012 and traveling that summer.

I think most of you have been following us over the last year so you know how this ends.  Obviously God had different plans in store for us.

For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord.  Isaiah 55:8

We were waiting for a few more things to go thru and we’d be a family with the new agency and have a match (we had already paid some $$$), and we were excited. But Oct 31 brought new things.  Earlier in the evening, while trick-or-treating, we told friends we had a feeling our daughter would be 2 and in fact were praying for a 2 year old.  Who knew a few hours later we’d get the call that would change our lives (and from our original agency no less)?


My brain keeps swirling back to “this time last year….”.  I’m sure there will be a few more posts like this one as 2012 comes to an end.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

all in a days work

I’m writing this so I can remember….I know in a blink of an eye I will forget these days and wonder how in the world I managed 3 so close in age.


In the mornings I get up with who ever wakes up first.  I’m not one of those motivated people who can wake up an hour before the kids and get myself ready  before they wake up.  I just drag myself out of bed when they start crying….it’s usually Wyatt first around 7:00.  And if I am lucky, I grab my glasses first so I can see.  We snuggle on the couch while he drinks his milk and I fall back to sleep try to wake up. 

Ella usually wakes up shortly after Wyatt and then I snuggle with her while she has her milk and I try to stay awake.  We watch one of the “Junior” channels until breakfast.  Will wakes up at some point and tries to sneak in unnoticed.  He likes to jump out and scare us.

We try to eat breakfast before 9:00.  (unless it’s a school day…then I am actually very productive)

We play and play and I might try and accomplish something domestic if I am able before lunch.  If we have errands or playdates we do those before lunch. We eat around 11:30 and then the littles hit the bed.  Wyatt seems to have ditched his 4 hour naps and only takes a 2 hour nap now.  Ella takes a 90 minute nap….but takes longer to fall asleep so they wake up at the same time. 

During nap time Will and I try to do “big boy” stuff.  Puzzles or special art projects or time on his swingset.  Or ipad time.  Anything that it’s easier to do with out extra little hands helping.  After naps we are just trying to survive. So lots of outside time during the afternoon.  And praying that 5:00, dinner and Daddy come quickly!

After dinner is bath and more playtime.  Then we divide and conquer bedtime.  Bedtime is 7:30 or earlier if naps were really short.  Wy and E chose who they want to take them to bed.  Wyatt likes to rock and drink milk before heading to bed.  Ella likes a book and to be tucked into her pillowcase…. with a few trips back for reassurance.  And if only one of us is here then Ella happily waits outside Wyatt’s door for her turn.  Will heads to bed between 7:30-8:30 depending on how his day went.  So thankful he doesn’t tell time yet!

If I was a super domestic goddess I would clean, bake, organize and do laundry after the kids went to bed.  But I don’t….I might bake, for fun.  Or craft.  But usually I sit on the couch with Chris and watch TV.  It’s my reward for getting thru the chaotic day. 

So that is my 12 hour day in a nutshell.  Occasionally we add in a few visits from Mimi or trips to the grocery store or park.  But it’s surprisingly easy to juggle 3 kids during the day.  Notice I didn’t say juggling their personalities was easy….


Monday, October 15, 2012

say what?


Me to Will: Today is the day Daddy and I got married. 
W:  When?
Me: 12 years ago.
W:  (in a completely shocked voice) You got married before you came to the hospital for me?!!!
Me: Umm, yes.
W:  And before you went to the hospital for Ella?
Me: Yes.
Ella is protesting about some part of his story so Will interrupts to help her out.  W:  We got on a plane and flew for a very long time to China and went to the China hospital to get you THEN we got in the bathtub.

Not sure why the tub is part of his China memory.  Maybe it’s because there is a picture of her in the tub in her picture book?  Who knows.  He comes up with some funny stuff.  I am amused that Wyatt’s arrival to our family was totally overlooked. 

Will was behind the camera again this weekend…..


Sunday, October 14, 2012

a dozen

8cHappy #12 to the one whom my soul loves  (Song of Sol 3:4)

photo booth


Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Flashback Videos

From Mr. Wilson's first year...

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

mid-week pictures

We are on fall break this week.  And by that I mean Will does not have school this week (and he only goes twice a week anyway).   Everyone we know is either at the beach or Disney.  I might be a bit jealous.  Not to mention it has been super cold and rainy. And Wyatt is getting over bronchitis and the rest of us fight runny noses, sore throats and coughs.  As you can imagine I am uninspired and have a bit of cabin fever this week.

So here are a few recent pics…..

Not bad for Will’s photography debut.  And I am thrilled to finally have a picture of us and Ella….more specifically, one of her smiling!

Today, while the littles napped, Will asked to “wash” dishes.  He likes playing with the soap and sponges.  So I gave him some semi-clean cups and bowls and told him to have fun.  He played for almost an hour.


Ella loves drawing/coloring.  She has great fine motor skills too.  So today I asked her to draw me a picture….she said this was a picture of me and Daddy.  Chris is on the right.


And Will and Willie cat…..

2012-10-08 W's half bday (16)

I hope to be more upbeat and wordy soon :)

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Mister Wilson is 4.5!

Today we celebrated Mister Wilson’s half birthday.  We may have celebrated a day late <ahem> ….good thing we haven’t discussed calendars yet. 

I debated on even celebrating this year.  Laziness on my part.  That and the fact that Will’s half falls during the same week as my birthday.  And Wyatt’s falls the week of Chris’s.  And that is a lot of cake eating each time.

But I went to bed feeling guilty about it.  Not because he expected anything, or even really knew.  But don’t all our kids want to be celebrated individually, for no reason?  And with all of the chaos in this family each of my three enjoy special days just for them.  So what’s a few minutes standing in front of the mixer and oven for a bundt cake….with no icing.

Happy half birthday Mister Wilson.  I cannot believe I had to put 4 candles in your cake, and a half of one.  I almost had a heart attack looking at 5 candles. 

2012-10-08 W's half bday (1)2012-10-08 W's half bday (5)

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Sunday Funnies {Mister Wilson}

  • Will wanted some privacy in the bathroom but Wyatt was right on his heels so he said “look squirrel”.  Which is what we say to Gus when he’s annoying us.  It doesn’t work on Wyatt.
  • I was talking to Will about being a bit more aggressive in soccer and told him to get in there and get that ball.  He told me that you have to keep your hands to yourself in soccer but in football you can wrestle to get the ball back and maybe he’d like football better. 
  • Chris went to check on Will in the tub and discovered a pool of water on the ledge.  Chris asked if he poured water out of the tub, Will said no.  Chris asked if he was lying, and he said no.  Then Chris asked how many times he poured water out of the tub and Will responded “256 times”.  Good to know he can still fall for a trap :)