Sunday, September 30, 2012

soccer proof

Hoping to recapture my crown now….

Some pictures from practice and this Saturdays game.  In other words, picture overload.  (No worries, I will not do this every week.)

2012-09-27 (10)2012-09-27 (19)2012-09-27 (73)

Not sure how this started, but Will is all about giving thumbs up.  He would stop mid-swim lesson and give me 2 thumbs up.  And he’s doing the same on the soccer field. 

Here, at practice, he is giving no-one a thumbs up.  I turned to see who he was giving it to and there was not a single person over there. Pretty sure he was giving himself a pep talk.

2012-09-27 (100)

Here he is giving his coach 2 thumbs!

2012-09-29 (109)

Mister Wilson has yet to score a goal but I don’t think he minds.  He runs from one end to the other with a smile on his face.  I truly think he enjoys the chasing portion of the game.

2012-09-29 (39)2012-09-29 (130)2012-09-27 (84)2012-09-29 (46)

And since we missed picture day, here is our attempt at a make-up shot.  Love our little #9!

2012-09-29 (140)

And probably his favorite part of the game….having his two favorite guys on the sidelines cheering him on. 

2012-09-29 (1)

Saturday, September 29, 2012

tarnished crown

They are going to take away my soccer mom crown title if I'm not careful.  I was out of town for W's first game.  And the 2nd game I brought my camera but forgot the battery.  The following practice was picture day, but W had a horrible meltdown that caused us to miss practice (and pictures), so no official proof of him being on the team.  SO, to make up for it I took an insane amount of pictures at practice this week.

Fingers crossed I remember all the parts to the camera for the game this weekend.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Before & After {the powder room}

We have a powder room off of the kitchen.  It’s really the kids bathroom since it’s where hair gets brushed and teeth cleaned.  (And the duo will eventually get potty trained….).  While the trio seems to use this the most, we tried to dress it up and make it look fancy.

Here is the before - beautiful rose colored wallpaper.  (thanks again Daddy for ripping that all down!)

powder room

And the after: blog (4)

The paint color is the same we used in our old basement bathroom.  It’s Onondaga Clay.  I don’t like it as much in the new house as I did the old.  Maybe I didn’t see it as much there?  It’s kinda orangy here.  But it’s done.

Chris also painted the oak cabinets.  They are a browinsh black now.  We followed some great instructions found on Pinterest but the finish is kinda odd.  Not the end of the world, just kinda textured.

But what an improvement from where we started!  Now to do something about the bright white -shows a lot of dirt- floors!  (The kids won’t leave a rug in there…..)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


2012-09-22 (22)

I told Chris I hadn’t blogged in awhile.  His response….”4 days”.  Good to know he reads even if he doesn’t contribute (hint, hint).

We have stayed super busy these days.  And along with general weariness I don’t have much to say (that anyone wants to hear at least….).

2012-09-22 (36)2012-09-22 (37)2012-09-22 (41)

So, accept these crazy pictures of Ella Wei.  These were in response to a bribe of M&Ms.  Clearly she doesn’t need much sugar.  When I finished her skirt was tucked into her diaper.

2012-09-22 (50)

More soon.  Know we are here still plugging along.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

same but different

I am constantly amazed at how different Wilson and Wyatt are.  Obviously their genetics are quite different. And their personalities, while similar, are very different. 

But there are the other things. I honestly thought all boys were basically the same.  I thought boys were all things blue, trucks, trains, cars, bugs, animals.  You can laugh but for some reason I just thought they all liked the same things.

My two boys could not be more different.  Both are into the typical boy stuff, just not the same boy stuff. 

SONY DSC                       Wyatt LOVES Thomas.  Will was never a fan, much to my delight.  Now I will happily sit thru the same episode of Thomas over and over….just happy that Wyatt has discovered something he loves (and happy for the fact he will finally sit still for a TV show!)  Despite my dislike of wooden train sets (oh, the mess), I am considering buying Wyatt a new train set featuring his favorite blue engine.

He loves trains.  Of course Thomas, but all trains.  He loves things to line up and make a train.  He loves to say “choo choo”.  He love planes.  I often find him using his hands as a plane and swopping around the house.

Oh, how Wyatt loves cars.  Will loved cars but Wyatt LOVES cars.  He loves the doors and wheels and lights and colors.  He’s happy to read the car magazines with Poppy.  He loves sitting outside watching the cars pass by (thankful to be on a busy enough street to entertain him).  “Beep Beep.  Honk Honk.” was one of his first phrases and seems to be his favorite one.  Another favorite are “go cycles”  (motorcycles). 

Do you see a theme here?  All things that go!


While Wilson likes cars, planes and trains, they are just okay.  Will’s true love is bugs and animals. (Wyatt, not a fan….at all).  Will has always loved them.  His first obsession was animal names and sounds.  His first words were all related to animals.  Now he has added dinosaurs and bugs to his list of favorites.  He is begging for a goldfish.  In the spring we are going to hatch butterflies in our butterfly garden and he thinks that it is going to be the best thing!  He loves exploring outside and discovering bugs and plants.

Will is all about super heroes and sword fighting (though I suspect Wyatt will discover that later).  He loves his army men (and camo).  And oh how he loves Batman.  And Will is a rough and tumble kind of guy.  He wants to wrestle with you and chase you and poke you.  Not Wyatt.  Wyatt is rough, but not so tumbly. 

They both love boy things.  I just never imagined they would love different boy things.  At least I don’t have to feel guilty about Wyatt never getting anything of his “own” or hand-me-down toys.  The only Thomas the trains in this house will only have Wyatt as an owner.  And I do not think Wyatt will ever inherit (or want to inherit) dinos or stuffed animals or bugs. They each seem to have their own interests, and I am okay with that.

I adore these two very different, but both ALL BOY boys.  2012-09-18 (65)

I should say that I am not opposed to hand-me-downs or “used” things. But when Wyatt was a baby I worried that he would get lost in the crowd around here and never have things/interests that were just for Wyatt … is not a worry anymore, ha ha.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Willie-cat, the golden years

Have you wondered why “cat” is listed first in the blog name?  Long before there were babies there were pets.  The first being Willie-cat.  Willie beat Chris to the scene by a few months.

[In case you are wondering, Willie’s formal name is Wilbur.  And we did not name Will after the cat.  We occasionally have to explain their names.]

blog (3)

My Willie-cat is in his golden years now.  He is 15 years old.  15!  Sadly, he is now sick.  The official diagnosis is kidney failure, though I suspect at 15 years old most cats develop some type of failure.  He is drinking water 24/7.  And to make matters worse he will only drink out of the faucet.  Wilson, Chris and I spend most of the day turning faucets on and off for him.

CM NL101

The vet gave Willie 1-3 years to live if he ate his special food and took his meds.  He is refusing meds.  So we are just waiting to see how this plays out.  We are praying we know when it’s his time to go.  If you are not a pet lover then you will find it amusing that we are actually praying about this.

blog (2)

The worst part is that in the last year Mister Wilson has become significantly attached to Willie-cat.  Daily we get reports of how many kisses Willie gave him and how much he loves him. 

We joked at the time that the tadpole’s passing that it was good practice for when it became Willie’s turn.  Seeing how Will reacted to that I am not at all ready for his next loss.  Mister Wilson has been thru way too much in the last 9 months to take the loss of his Willie-cat in stride. We told him that Willie was sick and that he wasn’t going to get better.  He asks about that constantly.   I am really praying for my biggest boy’s heart.

2012-07-07 Wyatts 2nd bday (96)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

“I hunt them day and night”

Sunday we played in the yard and discovered tons of acorns.  Will began hoarding collecting them.  And out of nowhere exclaimed “I hunt them day and night”.  Crazy kid.  Though to be fair he did hunt them 3 days this week.




Will got tired of holding them in his shirt so he ran inside and came out with 3 bags to collect things in.

9-19-12 (3)

Some people worked harder than others…..

9-19-12 (2)

“Other” here did not want anything to do with collecting.  He would hold on to one acorn then dump it out, pick it up and start the cycle over.  He had a similar strategy at Easter.  Based on that I’m not sure how Halloween will turn out this year.

9-19-12 (1)

While collecting acorns Will said there must be some craft we can do with all these acorns.  (Be still my beating heart….I think his new preschool teacher is giving him the crafting bug!!!)  I was drawing a blank on acorn crafts.  I turned to my beloved Pinterest only to find nothing!  My first Pinterest fail EVER!
(Still don’t know about Pinterest, read up on it HERE)


So no crafting, instead we just played with the acorns, counting them and making lines out of them.  Then someone spilled their bag all over the kitchen and it was time to put them in ziplocs for the day.

Wednesday Will announced again that there must be some craft to do and perhaps we could paint them.  He meant the entire acorn.  Thankfully I said No real fast.  Instead we compromised with gluing the tops down and painting them that way. Ever creative I went with a “W” and “E” as my design choice.

9-19-12 (4)

They seemed to enjoy painting.  Will painted every single cap on his sheet.  And asked me which color I preferred for every single one :)

Ella decided she was done the second Will finished.  She did put in a good effort and lasted a long time.  Painting isn’t her thing just yet.

I asked them what they wanted to do with their acorn pictures and Ella quickly informed me that this one belonged to Poppy.  Before it could dry we bestowed this beautiful gift to him.  I am sure Poppy is searching for the perfect spot to hang this lovely, yet heavy, picture.  Now to find something to do with the remaining acorn picture <ahem>.  I think he said it belonged to Mimi <wink, wink>.

9-19-12 (5)

And in case you are wondering about Wyatt.  Well, he quickly made a beeline upstairs to play trains with Daddy.  Wyatt is not a fan of painting.  Unless you count dipping the brush into the paint and then licking it like candy….that he loves to do.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

first game!

Mr. Wilson had his first soccer match this past weekend.  With Julie out of town, it was me, Ella, Wyatt, Mimi and Poppy on the sidelines cheering him on.  I was curious to see how he’d do in an actual match vs. practice.  Practice has been a bit of hit-or-miss, as it lasts an hour, and a 4-year old’s attention span maxes out at about 30 minutes at best.  So, let’s just say the bar wasn’t set very high going into the first official match.
As it turns out…it was just about the same as practice.  He managed to get his foot on the ball a few times, and seemed excited whenever that happened.  The rest of the time he kind of just ran back & forth on the field, going with the flow.  At least he’s getting some extra exercise!  There’s another game this Saturday as well.  For now here’s a video and a few pictures from the game…

2012-09-15 (1)

2012-09-15 (4)

2012-09-15 (16)

2012-09-15 (33)

2012-09-15 (36)

Monday, September 17, 2012

manic monday

Just random thoughts on a Monday.

Life has been very unorganized around here lately.  Every Sunday I swear I am going to plan out our week and then never follow through.  We have nothing in our kitchen for dinner this week.  Just enough for breakfast and lunch, and barely enough for snacks today.  Clearly I need plan out our food choices ASAP. Along with activities for the kids.

This past weekend I went to Nashville for an adoption conference, Empowered to Connect.  (I will write more about it later.)  At this point I am totally overwhelmed with all the things I learned.  Good things, though some a bit unconventional in the fact that they kick all traditional parenting methods to the curb.  I guess I will think about that tomorrow. 

The good news is most of my kids were excited to see me when I came home after being gone 2 days! 

Hoping to a productive week, and regular blogging soon!


Sunday, September 16, 2012


Wyatt is FULL of expressions.  Actually, he always has been.  He is going to be a charmer, I am sure! 

We have already decided he will be the hardest to discipline.  In part because he is the baby.  But mostly because he just gets totally silly whenever you want to be serious.  It’s hard to keep a straight face around him.

I see a future of notes about clowning around in class.  And not being serious enough.  At least there will always be someone around here to lighten things up.

2012-09 Sept (3)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

bang bang!

Sitting in a police car Ella got her first haircut!  I had no fear that she would cooperate, she did great.

2012-09-11 first haircut-Ella (3)

Her former chili bowl had grown out very uneven, despite my constant cutting on it.  Plus there was the issue with the hair in the eyes.  So I went this morning before I could chicken out.  Her bob is even, and her hair is out of her eyes!

2012-09 Sept

Pretty cute if you ask me!

2012-09 Sept (2)

Sunday, September 09, 2012

here we are!

I won’t lie, months # 6, 7 and 8 have been plain ole ugly.  But we are finally seeing the light.  Thank you Lord! 

I have been ignoring our homecoming anniversaries each month, but as we near the 9 month mark I feel like marking the momentous occasion once again!

2012-09-03 (33)

And I am excited to say we are finally starting to see who our girl really is. And she is silly, and giggly, and girly, and determined.

2012-09-03 (46)

And she is also in need of a haircut and possibly some bangs.  She is determined to do things her way.  And that often includes walking around with her hair right in her face.

2012-09-03 (69)

But you probably stopped by to hear more than stories about haircuts.  I promise to document ALL of our journey.  The good, bad and ugly.  I have written an insanely long post but am waiting till we are a bit further down the road to post it….to make sure my perspective is in check.  (If you really really want to know feel free to email me though….I like to over-share.)

2012-09-03 (72)

The only thing that matters right now is that this smiling face has finally discovered being happy.  And smiley.  And loves showering us with kisses and hugs.  And is still pretty demanding from time to time.  Who can blame her?  She learned from the best - Will and Wyatt.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

it’s official

I am now a soccer mom!


More words and perhaps video to follow…….