Monday, July 30, 2012

mostly wyatt and mostly pictures

Chris pointed out that it had been a record number of days without a blog post (I asked him where his post was but he didn’t have an answer….ahem). 

I’m out of words.  We have had several rough days/weeks and my creative juice is lacking. 

But here are some old pictures of Wyatt (old as in, a few weeks old….).

We were killing time outside before bed.  Wyatt was picking all my flower buds off the plants.


Then he refused to have his picture taken, cause he is 2 and all.

SONY DSC                       SONY DSC                       SONY DSC

Then he made it his mission to bring me leaves.  Lots of leaves.  Thankfully he was all smiley about those leaves.

SONY DSC                       SONY DSC

And in usual Wyatt fashion he said “Thank you Mama” after he handed ME leaves.  He’s pretty appreciative like that. It’s one of his redeeming qualities.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

we survived x2

We survived another birthday party!
This was Ella’s first ever birthday party!!!! She was all excited and knew it was her (and Wyatt’s) big day!
The trio dressed up in their # shirts for a pre-party picture.  All shirts were off once we got to the party though.
2012-07-26 pre party (17)
Wyatt happy to have a kiddie pool and Ella was happy to fill up the pool for him.
2012-07-26 WYandE party (2)crop
Please note the blue AND pink cupcakes.  I don’t want Wyatt to think he had a pink party!
2012-07-26 WYandE party (11)
Ella blowing out her candle.  She was pretty reserved about the whole thing.  Probably all that singing.
2012-07-26 WYandE party (89)
She was mostly happy to finally get her pink cupcake.  She has been eating super fast for the last few days hoping that cupcake would magically appear after each meal (she saw me baking them on Wednesday).
2012-07-26 WYandE party (99)
Wyatt blew out his candle early so he had to do it again.  He has the candle blowing part down!  He was too busy in his kiddie pool to worry with eating a cupcake.
2012-07-26 WYandE party (96)
And after 2 hours guess who decided he wanted to go swimming.  (Actually, we’ve been working on this for 2 months but I guess he needs a 2 hour warm up period….).  Mister Wyatt decided he LOVED jumping into the pool.  Over and over and over.  Now we have to teach him a few rules (he wasn’t too keen on the waiting till Chris got to the side first….)
2012-07-26 WYandE party (149)
The kids came home with a pile of presents.  We are trying to figure out the best way to open them.  Wyatt wouldn’t get out of the water, and Ella had a small meltdown at the party so we just decided to open them at home.  Looks like we will have a fun weekend filled with gifts!
A big thanks to our family & friends for coming out Thursday night to celebrate with us!!!!!

my future is so bright….

Who knew three pairs of sunglasses would get the sillies out?
2012-07-22 (1)
The sillies really hit a certain someone wearing yellow.
2012-07-22 (2)2012-07-22 (3)2012-07-22 (4)
Mister W has really embraced creative movement lately.  Every where we go he is busting out the moves.  I can’t help but smile as he grooves down the aisle at the store.
2012-07-22 (5)2012-07-22 (6)

Monday, July 23, 2012

the one with lots of jumping


All of Will’s swimming lessons have paid off.  Among other things, he has finally learned to jump off of the dock!  Getting his face/head wet is no longer a problem. He repeated this feat over and over and over.




Saturday, July 21, 2012

hula time

The “twins” are having a pool party next week (despite Wyatt’s love-hate relationship with the water).  I had hoped to get pictures of them in their hula wear for the invitation.  But after about 30 minutes I rethought that idea.  Actually, I decided I didn’t have time for real invites and it would be e-vites this year.  (I did make Ella a real invite for her scrapbook.). 

Anyway, here are the outtakes from the hula photos.

2012-06 June

I’m not sure what it is about Wyatt’s shirt but it doesn’t do much for him.  Florals aren’t his thing I guess.

2012-06 June1

Of course a group picture was out.  I didn’t even attempt it.  Ella just happened to sit down beside Wyatt for a second. 

They have grass skirts, you can imagine what that was like when I tried them on.  It lasted 2 seconds.  Oh well, in my head they look adorable!

2012-06-28 (4)

Countdown to the party is on!

Friday, July 20, 2012

will it ever happen?

2012-07-13 (94)

Well, the first one is the best one.  It is impossible to get all 3 to cooperate.  I’m wondering if it’s worth paying for family pictures this year.  What are the odds they would turn out?

This one of W & E is cute.2012-07-13 (102)

And now he’s helping her smile.

2012-07-13 (120)

And we’re done…..

2012-07-13 (126)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

the “twins”

Ella & Wyatt are considered virtual twins.  It is defined as siblings less than 12 months apart in age.  (It is also called Irish Twins but why muddy the waters….)

So for the next few weeks my twins are the same age.  As someone on face*book mentioned, I am lucky to only have 2 two year olds for one month.  I think I will agree with that statement….unless you want to factor in the “terrible three’s”.

Right now they are about an inch apart in height (E is taller).  And a few pounds apart in weight (Wy is heavier).  We are often asked who is older.


These stinkers are up to no good most days. With and against each other….depending on their moods.

Some days they act the same age, some days they are miles apart.


I can’t wait to see how this plays out as they grow up.  And I’m curious to see if they enjoy being close in age.

Only a few weeks left with these 2 year olds!


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

rainy days

While our water bill and plants think this 10+ days of rain is great.

2012-07-13 (48)

Our kids don’t find this rain so great.

2012-07-13 (52)

In fact, they are pretty bored with the rainy days.  And all the extra time spent indoors.

2012-07-13 (51)

I’m running out of good ideas to keep them entertained, and their energy burned off.

I’m trying to convince Chris to buy this to use in the den….for rainy days.  Maybe I need to ask for one for MY next birthday.Little Tikes Jump n Slide Dry Bouncer

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

random pics from the lake

Picture wise all the lake pics start looking the same.  Will swimming.  Ella swimming.  Wyatt crying or napping.  So here are a few from several visits in June.


Ella & Will agreed to pose for a picture!  It was super bright so it’s got some harsh shadows but I love these 2 together!

Will showed us some of his swimming skills.  Not sure what he calls this but it has something to do with floating on his back with his arms out.

2012-06-30 (7)

Will fishing.  He only manages to drop bait once or twice before he is bored.  I happened to catch this picture right when he realized he had a fish.

2012-06-30 (22)

Ella took a turn at fishing even though she doesn’t like actual fish.  Here she is a bit uncertain of the fish she’s caught.

2012-06-30 (28)

Pretty sure this face says all you need to know about her feelings on fishing. 

2012-06-30 (30)

And one day Will managed to catch the biggest fish ever!  (well, the biggest one we’ve seen in awhile).  Will tells me it is a red-eyed bass.  I’m assuming Poppy told him that though he could just be making that up.  He was very proud of his large catch!

2012-06-30 (45)

Monday, July 16, 2012

thank you mister google {Ella 18ish months}

I think when I grow up I want to be a professional googler.  (that’s a word right?)

But seriously, what did we do before google?  Chris has his news feed set up to be notified when any new articles pop up on Ella’s orphanages.  So we regularly scan sites for pictures. 

But last night I was reading the Packages of Hope blog to learn more about Qianjiang and something caught my attention.  I have read the blog posts several times and have always missed this.  But it made mention to a new water filtration system being put in by A Childs Right.  For some reason I was prompted to visit their site to learn more about their work (they are providing clean, safe water to EVERY orphanage in China!).  I saw that QJ (Qianjiang) was on the list and clicked over to read the stats.  Then I saw a picture I had seen before a nanny and one of the kids. And then I noticed there were 4 more pictures.  The next one was this sweet but sad face, Miss Wei Wei!  We are so excited to find one more picture from our girls past! 

We showed it to her and she excitedly said Wei Wei. 

Other than her finding ad, this is one of the earliest pictures we have of Ella Wei.  Sad face or not, I am thrilled to have this now.  Now to back this picture up in 3-4 safe places!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

breaking news!

Last Sunday we tried to leave Ella in the nursery, she was NOT a fan!
You are leaving me WHERE?

2012-07-13 (27)

But today is a new Sunday.  And this morning we asked if she wanted to go to class with Wyatt.  She said yes this morning so we made a plan that I would stay in there as long as she needed me (I fully planned on staying the entire 2 hours).  But after five minutes of Wyatt hanging all over me I asked Ella if I could go bye bye and come back in a bit.  She enthusiastically nodded and said yes so off I went.  She never turned around, though Wyatt was yelling “Bye Mama” over and over.

I waited the entire two hours for the pager to go off but she never needed us!  Her teachers said she did great!!!  She and Wyatt hung out and played with the other kids building blocks and playing kitchen.

I am so excited for her to get a chance to play and make friends!  And I’m praying she’s just as enthusiastic next week!

2012-07-13 (29)

Friday, July 13, 2012

in case you were wondering….

In case you were under the illusion that things are going swimmingly.  Here is what is on my nightstand.
One of these is also on my Kindle, but had so much info that I needed the real thing in my hands as well. 
Some of these books apply to more than one kid.
I am reading in the midst of lego chaos, lunch madness, porch bike riding, deck playhouse playing, bathtime, bedtime (mine and theirs), everywhere possible…one eye on the book, one on the kids. 
I feel like they have so many needs that are priority at the moment and not sure how to handle any of them.  I tried flying by the seat of my pants but found out quickly we weren’t getting anywhere….so time to bring in the experts.  Four of these books were on my “read before China” list.  Somehow in the 5 year wait I neglected that to-do list.  Though now I realize that some things cannot be understood until you are in the thick of things. 
We are trying some of the tricks.  Some work, some are confusing to all of us, and some are to ponder on for later.
Here’s hoping I finish one of them soon….and maybe finding a magic trick or two.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

May & June 2012

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

an unlikely pair

I’m sure when W & E’s birthmothers dreamed of their baby’s future they never imagined them having siblings of another race, from a foreign country. 

2012-06-07 (7)

In our adoption profile we mentioned that we were adopting from Ch*na so Will’s birthmom knew before placing him with us that he would have an Asian sister. But I am sure it’s not something she really considered prior to that moment.

2012-06-07 (13)

This unlikely pair has a pretty secure bond (though Ella has an equally tight bond with Wyatt).  I am constantly amazed at the fact that these two are siblings.  Just a surreal event that only God could orchestrate.

2012-06-07 (15)

These two share a love of lots of things.  And they are happy to buddy up whenever there is an opportunity.

2012-06-07 (18)

We constantly have to remind Ella that she’s not W’s age. I have to remind her frequently that she is Wyatt’s age. And she corrects me by saying Wyatt is a baby. She adores Will and wants to be where he is.

2012-06-07 (27)

Will often volunteers to show Ella how to do something (though not jumping off the diving board…she is fearless when it comes to that). He loves teaching her (or rather bossing her around).

2012-06-07 (31)

I suspect these two will be partners-in-crime as long as they live under the same roof.  I pray they find comfort in each other when Mom & Dad just don’t “get it”.  Whatever adoption issues rise up in our future, I pray they can at least support each other as they question the how and why they ended up in this family.  2012-06-07 (39)

Who would have guessed two birthmothers, two continents and  8000 miles would create siblings? 

My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts, says the Lord. And my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine. Isaiah 55:8

2012-06-07 (33)