Saturday, June 30, 2012

oh, wyatt

If we’re friends on FB then this is old news…..but here are 2 recent Wyatt stories.

Poppy came over to do something on the roof and Wyatt instantly got a gleam in his eye when he saw the ladder.  Once our backs were turned he headed on up.  I scooped him off the ladder before he got to the roof but being a good blogging mom I did go in and grab my camera should it happen again.  By the time I got back (30 seconds max) he was already headed back up.  (I only took this one pic before picking him back up.) He was yelling “Poppy, Poppy” while he climbed…..however, Poppy wasn’t up there at the moment.  He climbed the ladder quickly and easily.  Note to self: hide all ladders.


The next day I ran out quickly to take the garbage out and by the time I got back Wyatt had locked me out.  It was early and Will wasn’t even up yet.  He just looked at me crazily while I tried to talk him into unlocking the door.  But no such luck.  Ella gave it a try and could not turn the dial, no matter how hard she tried.  I finally asked her to go wake up Will.  She ran quickly upstairs and then got distracted.  She woke Will up but I guess they decided to play.  After watching Wyatt throw a super tantrum over the fact that I was outside and he was not I decided to head to the front door and ring the doorbell.  Thankfully both Ella & Will stuck their heads out the door and saw me in the windows.  The look on Will’s face was priceless, he could not figure out why I was outside ringing the bell.  He came down and opened the door and was amused when I explained that he saved the day.

That Wyatt is going to keep us on our toes!

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Friday, June 29, 2012

6 months home!

Hard to believe it’s been six months since we arrived home with Ella.  It’s hard to believe we have spent 3 seasons with Ella Wei!  SONY DSC

The magical 6 month mark has hit, and like many have promised things do magically start improving at 6 months.  My friend, Angie, shared that there is some chemical reason behind that.  I do not have the mental capacity to tell you about it (but if you really want to know I can hook you up with Angie or you can ask our friend google). 

2012-06-17 (2)

My point is that I finally I feel like we have shed some of those initial adoption issues. Every need, issue, tantrum that pops up I still have to ask myself “is this adoption or toddler?” but surprisingly a lot of the issues fall into the toddler category now.  Doesn’t mean I’m more equipped to handle them though, ha ha.

Ella has been napping and sleeping in her own room for 3 weeks now (since we moved).  She does great at nap time!  Often asking to go to bed as soon as she finishes lunch.  Recently she has stretched out her nap from an hour to 90 minutes or even 2 hours!  What a relief, she needs the rest (and I need a break).  And even bigger news, she now wakes up calmly and not screaming.

2012-06-12 (55)Sleeping at night is a different story.  She easily goes to bed now.  After we say our prayers and read our book (Goodnight Moon…every.single.night) she only needs us to stay in there with her about 15 minutes.  And we can leave while she is still awake!  But she wakes up every 4 hours all night long.  I am about to throw in the towel and let her sleep with us again (for my sanity) but she enjoys going to her pink room so I don’t want to ruin that. 

2012-06-27 (50)

Some nights she is so upset (night terrors) that we cannot leave and end up spending the night with her.  It’s almost like having a newborn, which is normal I expect.  I believe sleep is the last thing that sorts itself out with a toddler adoption.  And for the record we have tried a snack before bed, nightlight, white noise, colder room, fan….I’m pretty sure this is a security thing. Right now I just live for the nights when Chris is able to take a shift or two.  The good news is that she is sleeping later in the mornings, so is everyone else!  This too shall pass.

2012-06-28 (197)

The good news is that we are past most of our food issues (aside from normal toddler stuff).  She LOVES almost everything now.  (her original referral docs stated she loved food, and they were right) Almonds are her current favorite.  (A picture for an almond….sure!)


She is slowly revealing her personality.  We have seen bits of it here and there but wondered if she was doing them for show or if that was her real self.  We have discovered she is silly and dramatic and the biggest helper.  She loves to make noise (hello animal sounds). She is fearless and confident.  And SO smart (but what parent doesn’t say that).  I had expected her to be delayed some, as most children adopted internationally are, but she is right on tract for her age…if not a little ahead.  And she desperately wants to be independent and self-sufficient. 

She is oh so neat (perhaps a little too neat) but doesn’t mind getting messy either, provided you have a napkin or a change of clothes close by.  She is bossy, which makes her a good match for Wyatt.  She is stunningly beautiful (but you knew that already) and has the sweetest smile, and a great laugh.  Though I still think she is holding back on us some. 

I cannot wait to see how much she shows us in the next 6 months!

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

a very random post

It was one of those days.  The pool was out on the porch.  But I was not getting the hose out so the kids drug the pool into the yard.  Then drug their cars into the middle of the pool and then just sat there and talked for awhile.
I was cracking up at the scene and determined to capture the moment.  I tried to get their attention but they ignored me.  I sang, used funny voices and decided to break out the potty words.  I yelled booger and this is what I got….Ella & Will checking for boogers. 

I called it quits after this.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Saturday, June 23, 2012

3 for 3

Last weekend I had the pleasure of taking all 3 kiddos out for a ride.  This wasn’t Wyatt’s first time, but I think it was the first time he actually enjoyed it.  He just laid back the whole time on perking up to wave to Mimi, Poppy or the kids waiting on him.

2012-06-17 (23)

And we think this might be Ella’s first time.  I can’t find pictures of her riding when we went a few weeks ago so this must be the first!  She liked going fast or slow and would tell you which she was in the mood for.

2012-06-17 (40)

And we all know Mister Wilson loves to take a ride.  Unfortunately for him we were running out of gas so his ride was cut a bit short.  And he only likes to go FAST….saying “watch this Momma” and taking off.  I spun him around a few times and he thought that was so very cool. 

2012-06-17 (43)

Friday, June 22, 2012

Before & (almost) After {kitchen}

Well, the kitchen isn’t exactly finished but I feel it’s as finished as it’s going to get for a few months.  The left side of the pic is the before.  The first thing you might notice is the absence of all that wallpaper!  Thanks Daddy!!!! He pulled down every last strip of wallpaper in there.  Then proceeded to pull up the tile.  I hear that was a very hard job.  I would like to remind him that was his idea (though I am super grateful that the white slippery tile is gone). We replaced the oak cabinets with new ones which gave us more space.  We added can lights, new oven/cooktop, new counters and tile. 
We still need to pick out paint (all my fault….I cannot decide what color to pick and we have tons of samples up on the wall already!)  And later we hope to tile the backsplash….I hope it’s sooner than later.  One day you might get to see the final after picture.  I’m just praying I can pick a color before the end of 2012!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

kick, kick, kick

Our goal for this summer was to start Mister Wilson’s swim lessons. We decided on group lessons for every day for 2 weeks.   And not thinking correctly, I scheduled the first day of his lessons as the day we were moving.  I thought I’d add some excitement to the mix (though in my defense, I thought we would already be moved by then….).   Anyway we showed up bright and early for Will’s first lesson.  He was SO excited.  He turned around at least a dozen times before the lesson even started to give me a thumbs up.  For the first 30 minutes of the lessons he did everything asked of him enthusiastically and tried to give me a thumbs up while working.  The last half of the lesson was less than stellar.  I moved away in hopes to keep him focused.  I could see him and read his lips but was no longer in his line of sight.  That’s when I saw him say “I’ll do that when I’m five….”  and “My Daddy said I didn’t have to do that….”.  Will was getting bored and tired of getting in and out of the pool and taking turns….so he was starting to make excuses.  I told him to cut it out and get in the water encouraged him to continue on and we finished up the hour.  During that last 30 minutes I determined our boy wasn’t cut out for group lessons.  I struggled with the idea that I should use this opportunity to teach him how to wait his turn while the other kids went, make the most of his moments with the teacher, etc.  Then I realized this was swimming, not just a leisurely activity and for me it was too important not to splurge on private lessons. We left the pool and went straight to the desk, canceled the group lesson and signed up for private lessons the following week.  When Will learned this he was very excited because in his words “there were too many kids there” and “I don’t want to do this everyday.  That is just too much.”. 2012-05-29 Move Day (14)

Wednesday was his 4th private lesson.  And I was debating on signing up for another 4.  I just didn’t think he was getting much out of it (he does not like to practice with us), and really I didn’t want to pay anyone to just hold his hand around the pool.  As I am debating this and watching him on the other side of the pool I realize he is getting close to making some progress.  I keep watching and before you know it he is taking 2-3 strokes all by himself before she catches him.  His teacher squeals and cheers him on, he was swimming on his own!  Not doggy paddling, but with his head under water!  Our boy HATES putting his head under (bath time is torture). He goes back to the wall and does it again and again. (And I might have had a tear or two in my eye watching him with pride.) They switch things up and try a few more things and as they are coming back to my side of the wall she tells him to swim, she lets go and he’s swimming with all his might!  She said he had his best lesson ever….and I tell her she’s not done with him yet and we’ll see her again 4 more times.

So proud of my budding swimmer.  I know his Daddy can’t wait for a chance to watch either.  (And I did not bring my camera, go figure! These pics are from the group lesson.)

2012-05-29 Move Day (17)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

may pictures & 6 months

Here are a few pictures from May I never got around to posting.  Wyatt was in the midst of a mega nap the day of the pictures and we were playing dress up….rather I was dressing Ella up.  This is a tutu we bought right after we finished the paper chase and I was crossing my fingers it fit her (it’s 12-18months).  It fit but she did not seem to enjoy wearing it.  I guess it wasn’t pink enough.

May was a bit of a blur.  Mainly because of all the work on the new house, but also because Ella was coming out of a rough patch.  I told Chris one day that I didn’t know if she had smiled at all that day.  I had to work for smiles some days, and it was hard work!  I will say that the smiles here were hard work too.  And mostly accomplished thru smarties and big brother Wilson.

SONY DSC                       SONY DSC                       SONY DSC                       2012-05-21 (274)

June 19th marks 6 months since we met Miss EW!  6 months might be the turning point in this journey.  I will say we have a LONG way to go but I feel like our battles are mostly “normal” parenting stuff rather than 100% adoption stuff.  That is a good feeling!  More later on Miss E and what she’s up to….

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sweet Moon Baby!

I have been trying for months to win a copy of Sweet Moon Baby.  I know I could buy a copy but I keep thinking my lucky day is coming…..we will see.  I have entered again at one of our all-time favorite blogs, Fireworks and Fireflies
Side note:  Chris discovered Fireworks and Fireflies back when we started our paperchase.  The M family was ready to leave for China for the first adoption (they have now adopted 4 times!).  Chris was lured in by the cute golden retriever (he is a sucker for a cute dog). 
Anyway, Kristi, recently reviewed the adoption book, Sweet Moon Baby and her oldest gave it a glowing review (as did the others) so now I am more determined to get my hands on a copy!  Normally I would be super selfish about this giveaway, remember I want to win, but I know a few of you want to win this as much as I do so I will share.  Head over and read about the book and enter to win.
Ella’s birthday is coming up so I will just buy her a copy if one of you gets lucky instead :)

Source: via Julie on Pinterest

Monday, June 18, 2012

Sunday, June 17, 2012

happy daddy’s day

We spent Father’s Day with Poppy.  Poppy (and Mimi) were patient with our crew this weekend.  Someone, who shall remain nameless, was a bit of a cranky pants this weekend.  But Poppy entertained them all and put up with endless requests to “drive”….whether it be a boat, lawnmower, golf cart, etc with tons of patience.  And not only did he entertain…. he cooked!  Steak, squash, fries, Poppy Burgers, Poppy Dino Pancakes!  All of the kids favorites. 

I’m pretty sure he never imagined his only child keeping his hands full with 3 grandkids!  Happy Father’s Day Poppy, we love you!

2012-06-17 (98)2012-06-17 (178)2012-06-17 (179)2012-06-17 (125)2012-06-17 (142)2012-06-17 (169)

We can’t forget Poppy’s other baby….Riley Roo


Saturday, June 16, 2012

our week in pictures

Mimi came over to watch the Littles while they napped so I could take Will to his first swimming lesson (which is a whole nother post….stinker).  We also discovered we have great light in the Master bedroom for pictures!

2012-06-11 (55)

Will floating on his back, his least favorite thing to do.

2012-06-11 (62)

I also discovered great light in the den for pictures (I previously thought the new house had no light, I was excited at this week’s discoveries).

2012-06-12 (42)

Ella was singing Itsy Bitsy Spider for me.

2012-06-12 (8)

Wyatt, who hates lunch, decided to work thru lunch this day.

2012-06-12 (108)

Will was probably 3 months late for a hair cut….we finally accomplished that this week, along with new tires.  Obviously new tires is not picture worthy.

2012-06-12 (109)

Wyatt and Ella shared a cucumber on the way home from Poppy’s house.  It was freshly picked from the garden and meant to enjoy at home.  They almost finished it on the 1 min drive home.

2012-06-13 (47)

Not only did Mimi deliver milk to us (we run out a lot), she also picked up the kids for a stroller ride and some play time while I cleaned the house.

2012-06-13 (67)

Thursday Ella & Will attempted this craft I found on pinterest while Wyatt napped.  It’s hard to do messy things when Wyatt is awake so I try to find something fun for the Bigs to do while he naps (thank goodness for long naps).  This pin was advertised as entertaining for hours and hours.  Not sure about that but they did play at least an hour with it.  They may have played longer but I ran out of baking soda plus it was getting really hot outside.


We also took the kids to the pool one afternoon/evening.  No pictures since it’s chaotic.  But once again Wyatt showed us he did not enjoy the pool.  I guess having a pool party for his birthday is out this year.

And Friday was a day where we stayed in our PJ’s all day.  Well, everyone but Wyatt.  Wy never makes it thru the day wearing the same clothes.  He usually has at least 3 shirts. Messiest eater ever.  We hung out on the deck.  The kids have watched us move too much furniture lately….they rearranged the deck for us.


Thursday, June 14, 2012

mister wilson

My Mister Wilson agreed for one final attempt at the flower pictures.  Bless his heart it took all he had to take these pics but after about 10 min I ended up with 3 keepers.


I like these 2 best but not sure they will go with Wy & E’s since they are in different directions.  Hmm, maybe I can re-take Ella’s? 
Just kidding. 

2012-06-13 (35)2012-06-13 (2)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wyatt's Doppleganger

For a while I've been telling Julie who Wyatt (only sometimes) reminds me of.  After seeing the picture of him with the diaper on his head in Julie's previous post, I couldn't resist the urge to share...

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Princess Frog

I have blogged about Princess Frog more times than I can count.  We have a backup frog for washing days and other frantic times.  In the last year or so we’ve gotten sloppy with hiding the second so he knows there are two and some days prefers one over the other. Rarely does he have both out at once but today he came out with a smug look on his face and both tucked under his arm.  He was proud of his two Princess Frogs and agreed I could take their pictures.  But then he told me when it was over because they were tired of having their picture taken.  It was fun while it lasted.

2012-06 June

Randomly I stumbled across a company on etsy that paints portraits of lovies, stuffed animals, etc.  I asked Will if he wanted a picture of Princess Frog up on his wall and he looked disgusted at the thought.  But maybe I’ll blow up her picture and frame it anyway.

Monday, June 11, 2012

settling in

We are slowly but surely settling in to our new home.  And it is starting to feel like home now….2 weeks later.  We are slowly learning where the light switches are….at least in the kitchen. 

And the boxes, goodness…the number of boxes is insane!  As soon as I think I have one room finished I discover a lone box in a random place filled with “important” things…like socks and clothes. 

There’s a diaper!


We are thrilled to be closer to all of the important things….our favorite donut place, pizza/salad place, BBQ place.  And other non-food related places like my parents and church!


The animals have settled in quickly and without too many complaints.  Honestly, Gus seems to like it better here than the old house.  We do not have a traditional fence here, just the electrical kind and he is in heaven roaming from the front to back freely.  He is outside so much more, which means less hair inside!  (Though the pic below shows plenty of hair on the floors….)


And Wilbur has a sudden affection for our sinks. (did you know that Willie-cat’s real name is Wilbur? Will does not believe this.)  In fact, Willie-cat is refusing to drink out of a bowl and would rather wait for someone to turn the faucets on.  I’m not sure I like this plan but it’s one less water bowl for the kids to play in.


All this settling in does not mean we don’t have a ton of boxes ahead of us.  I cannot even go into the basement the number of boxes truly sends me heading for the stairs.  My poor craft room may never be unpacked! Who knew so much stuff was in that tiny room? 

More Before & After pics soon!


Before & After {office}

Here is another before and after for those of you who are waiting on pins and needles (I know who you are)….. this one was pretty easy, changing the paint.  We went from this lovely mustard yellow (which actually looked better in the picture than in real life) and changed it to Krypton Gray.  Not sure if Chris liked the name of the gray or the color but this was the easiest room for us to pick out!  And beyond those glass doors is our room.  I am working on covering those back up….just searching pinterest for the perfect idea first.
And we plan on painting the built-ins….but they are way down on our to-do list!  As is hanging pictures on the walls.
office b&a