Monday, May 14, 2012

water fun

These three LOVE to play in water.  Puddles, sinks, tubs, tables.  Everyone is happy and having fun in the water!  Well, until someone pours water on a certain someone’s head and he cries and cries.  But other than that everyone has a great time.

2012-04 April9

Clearly Wyatt enjoys it the most since there are more pictures of him.  He is so animated lately, he cracks us up constantly.

2012-04 April10

And to prove there were 2 others there too…. Ella doesn’t mind getting cold or wet thankfully.  (the water was super cold and we were in the shade)2012-04-29 (97)

And Will stayed pretty dry and agreed to pose.  This is the one who doesn’t like water on his face.  Seriously does not like it.  There are no words to explain his reaction to water in the face. Swimming lessons in June should be an experience.

2012-04-29 (101)

And my new favorite picture……love those crocs! 


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