Tuesday, May 15, 2012

one of my gifts

Will brought this home from Mom’s Day out….it’s my Mother’s day gift.  Impressed with his tissue flower I asked if he made it.  He said “No, Mister CJ had to do it for me.”


Now, this might seem innocent enough.  But every single art project Will has brought home in the last 5 months has been completely made or finished by his teachers.  I have to laugh now.  Crafts are not his thing.  I always ask why he didn’t want to color/decorate/make whatever the project of the day was and he sayd he’d rather play puzzles or books than color or craft.  Love his heart, at least he’s honest!

Wyatt also brought home a plant, but he proceeded to yank out the flower and throw it across the lobby on our way out.  Wyatt cannot be trusted with live things just yet. 

At least I don’t have to save a million of art projects just yet.  Hopefully one of them will be into that sooner or later. 

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