Sunday, May 13, 2012

i don't know how she does it

yes, that's the title of a movie, and i have yet to see it.  i just think of it by the end of most every day. i don't know how julie takes care of all 3 of our little ones each and every day of the week, all day long.  she does such a wonderful job, and i know it wears her out most days.  but she just does such a great job with them.  this morning, to give her a little extra sleep on this Mother's Day (she's still asleep as i type this at 9:30am), i loaded up the kids in the car and went to get doughnuts.  the kids got sprinkles, and i got plain glazed for julie when she wakes up.  i know doughnuts aren't much of a mother's day gift, but perhaps the extra sleep will do just fine.  gotta run.  the kids need entertaining.

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