Thursday, May 31, 2012

we’ve moved on…

We made it to the new house!  And everyone is sleeping just like back home.  I was so worried that sleep would be effected by the move but so far everyone is okay!  Even the critters.  Poor Willie-cat had an eventful ride over in my car….I’ll spare you the details.  But he is all cleaned up now and my car was not harmed.

Keeping the kids off of the moving truck was a challenge but no one was hurt.  Wyatt just wanted to watch the truck all day, or sit on the furniture as it was moved out.  Will was obsessed with the movers, wanting to give them every single detail of his day.  He is so friendly that way.  And Ella just wanted to be where the action was.

We have lots of unpacking to do but thanks to some incredible helpers/motivators my kitchen is in working order.  I even baked some cookies!  And they were great so I’d say this house is a keeper!

Many more pics later…..


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

5 months home

This doesn’t have a ton to do with “Ella Day” specifically, but on days when things are really hard and I don’t understand why things aren’t getting easier I remind myself that in 19 SHORT months we went from this.

Nov 2009, I was 7 weeks pg.
755414216_2009-11-25-28 thanksgiving (245)

2012-03-15 (94)

19 months from the day Wyatt was born till Ella joined our families.  19 months and we went from 1 kid to 3. I use the 19 months as an excuse for the really bad days.  That and I’ve only been a stay at home Mom for 7 months.  We are slowly finding our groove but I think we all have some learning to do.  I think this summer will be a good time for us!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

it’s the big day

We are packing up and heading out….see you from the new house!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

it’s the official start to summer

Long story short with pictures.

Ella was terrified of swimming but by the end of the day was handling it pretty well.

2012-05-27 Mem Day (41)

However, she is not a fan of the life jacket.  Nope, not gonna like it.  Neither is Wyatt.  Wyatt really really doesn’t like it.

2012-05-27 Mem Day (58)

Wyatt cried most of the boat ride, lovely.  Will loved it in true Will fashion:  “Watch out for the boats Poppy”, “Watch out for the waves”, “Watch out for buoy”.

2012-05-27 Mem Day (48)

And in true Will fashion, he fell fast asleep.  I don’t think he’s ever made it thru a boat ride without falling asleep. 

2012-05-27 Mem Day (64)

The only thing that made Wyatt happy was a bit of boat watching.

2012-05-27 Mem Day (83)

Ella cheered up a bit for some driving, but that probably only lasted 5 minutes.

2012-05-27 Mem Day (85)

Ella reeled in her first fish.

2012-05-27 Mem Day (128)

And was quickly terrified.

2012-05-27 Mem Day (135)

Wyatt was mostly unhappy at the lake.  He is not a water boy yet.  We finally brought some trucks down to the dock and he perked up a bit.

2012-05-27 Mem SunDay (48)2012-05-27 Mem SunDay (154)

Will got a lot of drive time in today.  He spent half the time waving to us and saying Hi to us all by name and the other half gunning it.  He only knows one speed - fast.

2012-05-27 Mem SunDay (128)

It’s going to be a long summer with many weekends of cold water and puffy vests….hopefully these two will warm up to it a bit.

2012-05-27 Mem Day (30)

And for those that noticed….Wyatt didn’t wear a vest at all unless he was on the boat.  It wasn’t worth the torture and the tears.  Plus he spent a lot of time trapped on the parked boat or on the golf cart. 

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Guess who?

Guess who gave me an unsolicited kiss?  Miss Ella Wei! 

So far the only kisses Ella has handed out are the random pecks on the cheek.  And they are usually at bedtime or when saying goodbye.  She has planted a few random pecks on our elbow or foot (!!!) as well but otherwise she is pretty unaffectionate (though we didn’t really expect her to be….).  So today we were sitting together and she gave me a kiss smack on the lips.  I was very surprised!  And she did it several more times too!
I have intentionally not asked her for kisses, figuring she will do it when she’s ready.  And usually if someone asks for a kiss she’ll just gives them her cheek anyway.  But for her to do it all on her own makes it much more special and without prompting is pretty big to me.  We are getting there….baby steps.

2012-05-21 (212)

Friday, May 25, 2012

biggest brother

I love that I get to see over and over again that taking Will to Ch*na was worth it.  Will and Ella are often found side by side playing (it helps that she still hasn’t come out of her shell yet during play time).  She just does whatever he does (which is good and bad) and they hang out.  Will adores Ella, and the feeling is mutual.  Though I’m not sure how she feels about his love of hugging yet, but she’ll come around to it eventually (I hope).

2012-05-21 (292)


2012-05-21 (295)2012-05-21 (300)2012-05-21 (312)2012-05-21 (303)

Even though Ella now has her own red chair they still battle about who sits where.  Will was not pleased about her chair choice.  Despite their adoration for each other, they are still brother and sister!  Look at her death grip on that chair!2012-05-21 (350)2012-05-21 (351)

All is better again!2012-05-21 (321)

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Ella has refused all the traditional lovey items….dolls, blankets, blankets w/ heads, bears, etc.  But one night as I was waiting on her to fall asleep she started fussing at me….apparently I was in her way.  She needed the pillowcase.  And then I realized every night since we’ve met she’s played with the edge of the sheets or pillows while she falls asleep.  Since we’ve been home we’ve woken up many nights to find her whole arm shoved inside the pillowcase.  And it’s gotten worse in the last few weeks, she will actually wake up and cry until you find the edge of the pillow for her.  Call me slow, but it finally hit me that she needed her very own pillowcase.  Granted, I could have grabbed one off the shelf and be done with it.  But I wanted her to have one that was all hers.  No mistaking who’s pillowcase this is!


She LOVES it.  So excited when she saw it and has slept with it every since.  She carries it around all day too.  The other day she started crying and handing it to me saying “a” “e” (what she calls the alphabet)….turns out her pillowcase was inside out and she needed to see her letters.  IMG_1737

The other quirky thing she has been doing, but I cannot get a picture of, is sleeping INSIDE the pillowcase.  It’s like she has her own sleeping bag!  I’m not sure how she gets in it but we wake up many mornings and she is inside it and cannot get out.

I am thrilled that we have finally found her thing that is brings comfort.  I am worried how she will do with the move and I hope having something that is without-a-doubt hers will help.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

what Wilson will miss!

I’m pretty sure Will would say that he will miss the window seat when we move.  This is in our room.  It was a special surprise add on to our room when we built the house(thanks Dad).  I had window seats growing up and spent hours reading in them, I LOVE them.  The kids also love them, but for different reasons….it’s a launching pad.  He takes the cushion off and practices his super heroes jump.

2012-05-11 (107)2012-05-11 (108)

He also requests his picture to be taken when he practices, I love that part!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

first popsicle of the season

I’m a mean mom….I didn’t let the littles in on our popsicle surprises.  3 kids times 3 popsicle messes is more than I can handle and stay sane….just saying.  So Will was patient enough to wait till naptime and we headed outside to make a mess.  (And here is the proof that sometimes the oldest one does get to have more fun)

No clue why Will was holding up a #1 but apparently he thought he was #1 for getting a popsicle. 

2012-05-18 (12)

We chose the hottest day of the week to head out (and at noon, no less) so his popsicle was melting FAST.  He was not pleased about that.

2012-05-18 (81)2012-05-18 (94)

It didn’t take too long to finish.  Thank goodness because it was way too hot for both of us.  Will asked to go inside the second he finished. 

2012-05-18 (108)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

April 2012 Videos

Took a quick break from painting to throw together some video clips from last month.  Enjoy!

Ella Day {5 months}

First, I cannot even wrap my brain around the fact that we met Ella 5 months ago.  We were watching our video from the trip and I still cannot believe we were actually there, seems so surreal.  On to what Ella is up to these days……
2012-05-13 Mothers Day (109)Ella’s speech is improving every single day!  She is putting together sentences left and right.  Asking and answering questions.  Her latest question is “what color?”  She kinda knows her colors but not enough to volunteer them for you yet.  Her favorite question is “Where Daddy go?” (also Wyatt’s favorite question).  And when I answer “work” she usually starts pretending to paint.  I have to remind her that he has another job besides painting.  The other day Wyatt asked his 2nd favorite question “Where Mimi go?” and before I could answer Ella answered “Wyatt, Mimi go work. She paint.”.  I was very impressed that she strung together 2 sentences.  (We should probably remind the kids more often that Mimi & Daddy have other jobs besides painting.) 
Ella also knows enough other words to be dangerous.  But she doesn’t pronounce them well enough for us to understand.  So she just looks at you with pleading eyes wondering why you don’t understand her.  
We have hit a new phase in the food game.  Ella LOVES fruit cups (accidentally gave her 4 in one day), lemonade, salad (ranch or italian dressing please), steak, oatmeal, cereal, pancakes, ham, hot dogs, chips and salsa (hot please), carrots, cauliflower.  We have also found a new way to work around the quirks.  Basically we just have to anticipate what she’s going to pitch a fit about and avoid it.  Brilliant, I know.  The good news is that is getting better.
She finally is starting to be a bit independent as far as her likes/dislikes go. This I HUGE. Until now she has only picked whatever Will or Wyatt has picked. But now she has been so bold as to pick a different drink than they are having (lemonade, anyone?).  Or even a different dessert (aka surprise).  So proud of her for finding out what Ella Wei wants. Praying this will start applying to other areas too!
Sleep is getting much better, but we still have a ways to go.  At this point neither Chris or I dread it anymore which is a plus.  You still have to lay down with her at night but it rarely takes longer than an hour these days.  Especially if we’ve played a ton outside.  Naptime is mostly easy unless she’s having a bad day.  Though she still only sleeps an hour even though she needs longer.  She still wakes up screaming and crying.  Even if bedroom door is open she is terrified.  I wish we could “fix” that since I’m sure it’s frightening for her.
I’m sure I am leaving out plenty of other things.  But this is getting long enough.  Happy 5 months Ella Wei!
2012-05-13 Mothers Day (119)

Friday, May 18, 2012

first frog of the season

Chris found the first frog of the season.  Will was SO excited.  He rushed out, with Princess Frog in hand.  We quickly had to put her up so she wouldn’t get real frog germs!2012-05-08 (10)

2012-05-08 (7)

Wyatt and Ella weren’t sure what to think at first.  Wyatt decided he didn’t are at all about frogs.  Ella decided she was not a fan and proceeded to scream, well, like a girl.

2012-05-08 (2)

Will carried this poor frog around as long as humanly possible.  Chris had to intervene and give the frog a break.  Will goes out every day looking for that poor guy.



Thursday, May 17, 2012

cousin time

We’ve had some fun hanging out with our cousins lately.

Wyatt and Jake at Jake’s first birthday party. 
2012-05-05 Jake's 1st bday (10)

Will & Graham have a soft spot for each other.  Whenever we see the cousins on Chris’s side Will always asks why Graham wasn’t there.  He doesn’t get the family tree just yet.
2012-05-05 Jake's 1st bday (4)

And Ella & I finally made our first trip to Costco, thanks to Aunt Karen.  Ella was thrilled, even though she doesn’t show it, to be sitting next to a non-hitter.  Jake was the perfect buggy mate!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

before&after, part 1 ~ the outside

Not sure how many before/after’s we will have….but I have to start somewhere.

We are knee deep in boxes at home.  And knee deep in paint at the new house.  Hopefully we will be in the new house very soon.  Things happened so quickly that I did not do a good job with before pictures.  Chris, Dad and Mom have been SUPER busy at the new house.  Thanks to them things have moved along faster than I expected so I can’t really complain about the before pictures.  Sadly I have not been a huge help in fixing up the house.  Ella doesn’t really nap for other people yet so it’s not like I can really get someone to watch the kids while I run off to paint or strip wallpaper.  Thankfully my parents don’t mind doing my share of the work (and then some).  Chris is spending every Saturday, some Sundays along with many nights and days off of painting and painting and painting.  One of my parents has been there daily painting, stripping wallpaper or tearing out old tile or cabinets.  (This house was covered in wallpaper!)  It has been a labor of love for the 3 of them.  So far my only contribution has been picking out paint colors from the comfort of my chair while 3 littles tug at my pants for attention, or spreading out paint chips from one room to another.  It has been chaotic but will be so worth it soon. 

The first thing we did was paint the outside trim and shutters.  It was overdue for paint.  And these shutters were begging for a normal color.  Goodbye turquoise!



Hello black!  Thankfully this was an easy decision.  Actually, we were torn between navy and black.  Someone choose black for us and it turned out to be a lovely surprise. I’ve been pretty easy going with some of the decisions.



New light fixtures helped too!

And we have had several neighbors stop by to thank us for finally changing the turquoise.  Apparently we weren’t the only ones who wanted to change that.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

one of my gifts

Will brought this home from Mom’s Day out….it’s my Mother’s day gift.  Impressed with his tissue flower I asked if he made it.  He said “No, Mister CJ had to do it for me.”


Now, this might seem innocent enough.  But every single art project Will has brought home in the last 5 months has been completely made or finished by his teachers.  I have to laugh now.  Crafts are not his thing.  I always ask why he didn’t want to color/decorate/make whatever the project of the day was and he sayd he’d rather play puzzles or books than color or craft.  Love his heart, at least he’s honest!

Wyatt also brought home a plant, but he proceeded to yank out the flower and throw it across the lobby on our way out.  Wyatt cannot be trusted with live things just yet. 

At least I don’t have to save a million of art projects just yet.  Hopefully one of them will be into that sooner or later. 

Monday, May 14, 2012

water fun

These three LOVE to play in water.  Puddles, sinks, tubs, tables.  Everyone is happy and having fun in the water!  Well, until someone pours water on a certain someone’s head and he cries and cries.  But other than that everyone has a great time.

2012-04 April9

Clearly Wyatt enjoys it the most since there are more pictures of him.  He is so animated lately, he cracks us up constantly.

2012-04 April10

And to prove there were 2 others there too…. Ella doesn’t mind getting cold or wet thankfully.  (the water was super cold and we were in the shade)2012-04-29 (97)

And Will stayed pretty dry and agreed to pose.  This is the one who doesn’t like water on his face.  Seriously does not like it.  There are no words to explain his reaction to water in the face. Swimming lessons in June should be an experience.

2012-04-29 (101)

And my new favorite picture……love those crocs!