Tuesday, December 20, 2011

the other blog

In case you hadn’t noticed, we are blogging at the travel blog: www.Emakes5.blogspot.com.

The internet is so slow that uploading pics to both blogs is impossible while we’re here.

You’ve probably already figured that out but if not…..http://emakes5.blogspot.com/

Friday, December 16, 2011

its 8:30am on our last day in Beijing...

Julie went on the Great Wall tour today with our group. They are also going to Olympic stadium. After that they go to an acrobat show. Will and I are going to meet up with Julie and the group for the acrobat show, which I believe is indoors. I'm sitting here in our room with Will, where we will be spending the majority of our day. As I mentioned earlier, its far too cold out to have Will outside for another full day. The hotel does have a pool, so I'm planning on taking Will swimming for a bit. There's a Mcdonald's within walking distance of our hotel, and a 7-11, so its looking like cheeseburgers and fries and Big Gulps for lunch. (just kidding about the Big Gulps, though we will venture into the 7-11 for some snacks and drinks for our room.) Gonna run now. Julie took her camera with her today, and I cannot wait to see the pics she takes. I'm sure she will post some tonight. Tomorrow we fly to Ella's province. Absolutely can not wait...

Beijing tour, Day 1

Here's a few short video clips from our tour around Beijing earlier today. The weather was brutal and really took its toll on Will. His legs and feet were ice cold and we were all completely exhausted by the time we made it back to our room. We ended up having to wrap Will's legs in several layers of fleece and blankets, and put a heat pack under them as well. He fell asleep and by the time he woke up his legs had returned to normal temp. We were pretty scared there for a bit, to say the least. That, and the fact that Will's not digging the idea of eating much at all, hasn't made things easy. We're praying tomorrow will be better. Will and I are going to stay back at the room and skip the Great Wall & Olympic stadium tour tomorrow, as its supposed to be even colder out than it was today. I'm hoping Julie will still go with our travel group, so at least one of us can see everything. 
Other than touring Tiananmen Square & Forbidden City, we took a rickshaw ride through the city.  During that tour we stopped and toured one of the local's homes.  While we were there Will insisted he had to go potty.  Fortunately for us, the home owner was kind enough to let Will use their bathroom. We ate lunch at a traditional Chinese restaurant today.  Yes, Eddie, one of us did have some duck at lunch today, but it wasn't Will or Julie. It wasn't that bad, but I'd have to say I still prefer chicken.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

pics on the other blog

It is taking forever to upload pictures to the blog so I will not be re-posting on both blogs today.  Head over to Emakes5.blogspot.com to see our day.

here in beijing...

just going to post some notes i made over the last 24 hours... excuse the typo's, as there will be many i am sure!

1pm 11/14:
still sitting atthe airport, around 1pm... Our flight to beijing is delayed by 4 hours due to what is being referred to as 'airline servicing.' Not exactly what you want to hear before going on a 14-hour flight!  ...so if that delay holds, then we should arrive in beijing around 6am eastern tomorrow.  that's slightly more than 24 hours from when we flew out of chattanooga.   will keeps going back and forth between 'i want to go home,' 'i dont want to get on another plane ride,' and , 'i DO want to get on another plane ride.' at this point our day of travel isnt even at the halfway mark, so the rest of our day's journey should be interesting.

9pm 11/14:
we boarded the plane to beijing a little after 3:30pm and took off not long after.  our agent got us a free upgrade when booking our flight, so we are in business class, which is just behind first class.  getting seats that convert into a bed on a 14 hr flight is an absolute must.  we've never had this much room on a flight before.  amazing.  also amazing is that the airline gave us $400 in free vouchers to compensate for the flight delay, so we are definitely going to look into upgrading to bus. class on our return flight.   due to lack of sleep, and being 3, will didnt seem as taken with all the extra room.  this plane needs a gym for him to run and play until he deems its time to settle in for the evening.  its almost 9pm wednesday night and he finally turned in for the night.  julie went to sleep about an hour ago.  i couldnt sleep just yet, but will do so very soon i think.  i just cant stop thinking about the next several days ahead, and i'm also really missing  mr wyatt back home.   meeting ella in just 5 days.  we've come 5+ years, and now its down to just 5 days.  i have no idea how she is going to react to meeting us for the first time.  i'm praying it goes really well, and i know we've got tons of people praying for us back home, from people at our church, to family and friends, plus i think we've even got an entire classroom of students following our journey and praying for us on an almost daily basis (thanks sara and hanna!)  even though you aren't here with us, your prayers are felt, and i can definitely see them working in ways both large and small.   i think i'm going to do my best to fall asleep now.   we have a little over 4,700 miles before we reach beijing.  our flight monitor says we are over denmark right now, so that's as good a time as any...

6am 11/15:
we landed in beijing around 6am our time to 14 degree weather. brrrrrr. its nighttime here and will was asleep when we landed. i told him it was already night when we woke him up and the first thing he said was, "we still have time to pick up sister." in the room now and looking fwd to stretching our legs and getting some proper sleep. cant wait to start the rest of our journey!!!!! internet seems to working just fine so it looks like we can post updates without any problems.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

that's not the great wall of china, that's new jersey

3AM comes awfully early when you only have 4 hours of sleep preceding...we're in the air right now, just passed over d.c. about ten minutes ago. will is conked out right now, legs draped over my lap, his head in julie's. Very happy he fell asleep, as he threw a mini fit at the charlotte airport while we were on a soft sprint to our gate, located on the opposite end of the airport. whe wesaid we couldnt carry him, he just sat down right in the middle of the floor. keep in mind that this is the shortest connection time of our entire trip. a little stressful, indeed. we finally made it to our gate and had a few minutes for bathroom breaks.will also had a little moment back at chatt airport while we were going thru security, but we quickly overcame that one after explaining that you cant just leave the line to go check out Christmas displays nearby.despite the fits will is definitely enjoying geting up close and personal with these giant planes. our first plane was really small and blue. he said our next one would probably be white. he was right.gotta run, landing now in newark.more later... so far so good!

Monday, December 12, 2011

still packing

We spent last night till 1:30 and then again all day today trying to put all of this….


And all of this…..

2011-12-07 (7)

Into this….


We were somewhat successful.  But went out and bought another suitcase today.  We are 95% done.  But when I went over what was left to do I felt like we were only 50% done.  At least we still have Tuesday!

our early Christmas

Sunday, December 11, 2011

our prayer requests (and link)

So I lied, there's one tiny thing different between the two blogs.  I added a list of prayer requests, along with our itinerary.  We've had so many people ask how they can pray for us while we are gone so I created a list (and I confess I was inspired by another blogging family who made a list)


Saturday, December 10, 2011

sister has a bed

Sister now has a  place to lay her head at night.  We still have to see if she is ready for a twin bed or a crib.  We’ll find out once we’re back home, but either way we are ready!

Not sure the boys were keen on how we had to get the mattress home.  Good thing it was a quick ride.

2011-12-03 (7)2011-12-03 (1)

The new mattress is going on Will’s new bunk bed!  Sister may be sharing a room with Will.  We’re leaving everything up in the air at the moment and are going to wait see where she is most comfortable sleeping - bed/crib, alone, with Will, with us, etc.  We just want to be prepared for any scenario.  And in a year or so, when Wyatt goes to bed later, the W’s will share a room and the bunk beds.  For now, Will is excited about his new bed and the possibility of sharing a room with his baby sister.

2011-12-08 (9)2011-12-08 (7)

missing him already

As excited as we are to be heading to China Wednesday, it's starting to sink in just how much I'm going to miss Wyatt. He's really starting to let his personality shine at every given opportunity. He's becoming quite the ham, showman, giggle box, etc. He's even starting to repeat just about anything you ask him to say, or at least give it his best try. I know he's going to be in great hands while we're gone; not worried about that in the least. I just hate that he's too little to understand that we're only going away for a short while, and that we'll be back soon.

Friday, December 09, 2011

not packed and ready?

The basement is serving as the staging area.  Or rather, the holding room.  Anything that is bought or intended for the trip is carted downstairs and left, hoping someone will come along and pack it up.  It also holds items for Christmas.  Presents are not currently safe under our tree since Wyatt likes to unwrap.  So the windowsills currently hold our gifts.  There aren’t many because we stopped buying once we realized we were going to China.

It isn’t pretty, but it’s all there, minus the clothes.  Our plan this weekend is to finish the trip shopping, celebrate Christmas 3x over and pack.  Really, we have to pack!  We are running out of time!


Wednesday, December 07, 2011

so this is Christmas….

I know I’ve already mentioned that we put up a tree with no ornaments this year.  Well, we have 3 ornaments up and a bow.  I did decorate the mantle and we put lights up outside.  The tree will come down after Saturdays Christmas.  The lights will probably stay up till Jan/Feb, no lie.  It’s a special Christmas this year but one I want to remember none the less.

There will be massive amounts of Christmas pictures taken this weekend.  And I plan to blog them before we leave…..like I’ve said a million times, if it’s not on the blog it’s like it never happened.  This is my memory keeper :)


And one last decoration….. Chris’s prized leg lamp.  He got it at our Sunday School Christmas party.  There were 3 circulating but he finally snagged this one and “froze” it.  He was very proud of his genuine award.


flights booked!

Our flights are booked.  And I have been told by 3 different people that our time between flights is less than ideal.  But there were just no options to be had at this time of year and where we are leaving from.  So please pray that we make all our US connections, specifically the Charlotte connection both ways.


Tuesday, December 06, 2011

merry christmas!

We are on the ball in the T house this year.  Our cards are (mostly) in the mail and should be arriving soon.  (that alone should be recognized as a major accomplishment….) And for those of you that noticed that there is a new blog address on the card, no worries about switching or keeping up with a new blog….It is just for travel purposes only.  We will be posting the same exact goodies on both blogs.  I just like to keep everything all together for the trip.  And putting it on it’s own blog makes it neater (for me).  That will make life easier when I get around to scrapbooking or blog publishing.  (though don’t look too closely, things are a bit out of order compared to here)


Monday, December 05, 2011

it’s official

We leave in 8-9 days!!!  And these weather forecasts are going to make for an interesting party in my suitcase!




Looks like we are indeed leaving on 14th!

(more to follow...)

Sunday, December 04, 2011

spontaneous pictures

Not quite the Christmas pictures I had envisioned.  But I didn’t realize I was taking “Christmas pictures” till it happened.  We were dressed and ready, the light was pretty decent in front of the tree.  I plopped Wyatt in front to see what would happen…..


Will surprisingly agreed to have his picture made too. (I wish I had brushed his hair now….).  He was all willing and happy to pose.


The only thing Christmasy about these pictures is the tree.  Fitting since nothing about this holiday is traditional this year.  But just wait till next year……I have a feeling it will be over the top!


Saturday, December 03, 2011

sample itinerary

We had hoped to hear back about our Consulate Appointment (CA) today but no such luck.  Praying we hear something Monday.  I’m anxious to know dates and really get to planning/packing.  If we are delayed another week then there’s not much I can do other than mentally pack.  But we’ve been asked about what our trip looks like so here is a quick snapshot of the trip details (from here)

  1. Wednesday: Leave for China!
  2. Thursday: Arrive in China
  3. Friday-Sunday: Tour Beijing
  4. Sunday Night: Fly to your child's province
  5. Monday: Gotcha Day!! Meet your child!
  6. Tuesday: Adoption Finalization
  7. Wednesday: Touring/Rest
  8. Thursday: Touring/Rest
  9. Friday: Get Child's passport - fly to Guangzhou.
  10. Saturday: Medical Exam for visa on Shamian Island/TB test
  11. Sunday: Free Day/Touring
  12. Monday: Get TB test read
  13. Tuesday: Consulate Appointment and Oath
  14. Wednesday: Get visa!
  15. Wednesday night or Thursday morning: Fly home!

Thursday, December 01, 2011

November Video Clips