Tuesday, November 01, 2011

trick or treat!

Monday was an interesting day at our house.  The boys were in rare form and I wondered if we should just call of candy hunting that evening.  Thankfully they calmed down and Will agreed to go trick or treating. 

Oh, and earlier in the day Will asked if Santa was going to bring his presents after we went trick or treating.  Not sure if he mixed up the holidays or was believing in the Great Pumpkin.  Either way, he was disappointed.

Mimi came over to see the boys costumes and hand out candy while we went out.  Will was not in a posing mood so this is as close as he would get to Mom.

2011-10-31 (24)

But I managed to get a cute picture of him when he wasn’t looking.  Thank goodness for planes going overhead! (though now I see he needs a haircut again!)

2011-10-31 (25)c

We finally headed down the street to start ringing doorbells.  Will has been practicing that part for months.  We had to remind him several times to only ring it once.  But he did so good….saying Trick or Treat and then Thank You.  At some point he added in “can I have some candy for my baby brother?”.  We could have done without that part, but he was so excited to bring Wyatt some candy.  Wyatt only went to one front door.  Chris carried him to a few more and then we just stood there and let Will go on his own.

2011-10-31 (29)

Will raced to the front doors and excitedly waited.  I can’t believe he was brave enough to go alone!

2011-10-31 (36)

We only hit about 10 houses and Will decided he was done.  It was very cold out (and we might have been under dressed), and we had to hike up that big ole hill.  So I’m glad it was a short night.  Will spent a little while at home handing out candy to the kids….he managed to go thru an entire bag of candy on one set of kids.   We weren’t supervising close enough, he was giving out fistfuls!!!

2011-10-31 (38)

We had a great night with Peter Pan and Super Wy! 

(Will got called Tinkerbelle and Kermit once…..thankfully he didn’t notice.)

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Kristi said...

Kermit I can almost see, but Tinkerbell? Really people?
Will is adorable racing up that one sidewalk. Wish I had gotten a shot of my little Mater zooming at his own pace...