Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wyatt {15 months}


Mister Wyatt turns 15 months in October.  We head to the doctor later in the month and we’ll see how big he is.  But Poppy says he ways 26lbs (Poppy weighs the boys, they all think it’s fun).  We’ll have to find out how tall he is. He’s slowed down growing because he is still in 12-18 month clothes.  I guess he’s average now.  He still sleeps all night and is doing good with just one nap a day.  Now that he’s at home he’s taking 2.5-3 hour naps. But he still wakes up at 6 or 6:30.  (Way too early)

We had our last official appointment with the GI doctor.  We are all cleared.  Though she said he may have reflux problems in the future.  The T family is notorious for reflux issues so we’ll see. 2011-09-01 (37)

He has almost learned to run.  Chasing big brother is good practice for that.  And he is kicking everything!  He drops a ball and kicks it across the room.  He is really good, perhaps he’s going to be a soccer player some day.  He will even drop his sippy cup and then for sport, kick it across the room, run over to it and kick it again.  And he still has a great throwing arm.  He loves playing with his football, basketball, soccer ball or Gus’s tennis ball.  Until a few weeks ago, that was the only toy he would play with.  He now is getting excited about Will’s huge animal collection.  Will’s barn is now getting lots of use.  They are fighting over the animals.  Good thing Will’s Noah’s ark set has duplicate animals!  He also loves the ball popper Aunt Karen got him for Christmas last year.  He has played with that for 10 months now, it’s his best toy yet.  And he’s finally letting us hold a book near him.  One day I hope we’ll be able to read it to him.2011-09-01 (45)

Wyatt is still a picky eater.  I guess it’s hereditary.  He now eats bananas, crackers, cookies, toast, raisins, spaghetti, cheese sandwiches and oatmeal. (yup, not one veggie.) We introduce things often and over and over but he just refuses.  My favorite (not really) trait is when he’s chewing up something and you put another on his plate and he spits out the partially chewed one for a fresh one.  Seriously.  Or if you put his cup on the tray he’ll spit out his food to take a sip. Apparently he can’t be bothered to finish eating before moving on.  He also likes to start cheesy smiling and then just let the food fall out of his mouth.  We have some hurdles to overcome with food. Oh, and his most favorite food0…..cherry flavored prunes.  Really.  They no longer have the desired effect on his body, apparently you can become tolerate of them.

Until recently Wyatt has only said “Brubha, Ball and Momma”.  He still doesn’t say Momma at me really.  He’ll use it on Chris a lot.  I swear a few times he has said “ILL” like he’s saying Will’s name.  He says “Gu” towards Gus or Riley, sometimes Willie.  This week he repeated “Bear” when I gave him one to play with.  And he tried to say “Banana” when I was reaching for one.  He will do the sign for “more” when we’re eating.  And until today I would have said he didn’t know what that means.  But we were watching the a DVD, the only one he will tolerate - Praise Baby, and when it was over and he signed more.  So I guess he does know what it means.

And just for fun, a red chair picture (before the hair cut).

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