Saturday, October 15, 2011

Wyatt {15 months, part 2}

A few more things I want to remember about Wyatt at this age.

His personality is really starting to show.  He is quite a little ham.  I think he’s going to be a class clown because he just loves to goof off.  He is constantly making crazy, funny, silly faces in hopes that you will laugh with him.  It always works.

He has perfected his fishy lips.  He makes kissing sounds ALL day long.  I think it’s the fact that he’s going without his pacifier a lot during the day but he’s still acting like it’s there.  Either way, it’s pretty cute.

2011-10-12 (12)

2011-10-13 (14)

He LOVES to clap.  If he even hears a few notes of a song he’s ready to clap, clap, clap. If I walk in after he wakes up in the morning or from a nap and he claps when he sees me.  He’s usually crying too so the sentiment isn’t really there but it’s still kind of refreshing. 

2011-10-13 (20)

Speaking of music, it only takes a few beats for him to drop a few inches and bounce and dance along.  He has some moves and doesn’t hesitate to show off.

Wyatt LOVES to look in the carseat mirror.  He makes faces at himself and then laughs. He cracks himself up the entire car ride.  He’s clapping, laughing, kissing and dancing.  I don’t know what he’s going to do when we turn him forward facing and he loses the mirror.

He loves to “tell” you what to do with your hand.  If he wants it around him he lifts it up so he can get underneath it.  If he wants to give you five, he’ll flip it over and then start slapping.  Even if it’s the middle of the night……

I’m sure there are a few more personality traits that I’ve neglected to mention, but he is quite the ham these day. We love seeing this fun side shine!

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