Wednesday, October 19, 2011

what's for dinner tonight?


By the end of the evening I'm out of words even though I have lots of good stories of the boys in my head, actually putting them into words is another story.  For now all I can think about is food....specifically, what am I going to feed the boys for breakfast and lunch, and will I get to eat too?  And what am I going to cook for dinner?!  I've talked about Wyatt's hatred of food, it stresses me out.  I went thru this when we had to avoid dairy with Will, so once again food is something I am constantly thinking of.  Luckily, I found this recipe that works for everyone but Will! (Will occasionally likes spaghetti, and no other variation).  It’s called Healthy Three Cheese Penne Bake and the recipe is here.  Anyway, Wyatt loves this and so do Chris and I.  I love that there is spinach in it (and yes, even I will eat it!) and recently I added carrots and no one noticed. I even made it with beef instead of chicken.  Both are great!  And an extra bonus, it makes enough for leftovers.  So 2 dinners and only one set of dirty pots and pans!  And I make it during naptime to bake later….are you sold yet?

Hopefully I will be back soon with an exciting post about family life....or maybe Chris will post soon.


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