Tuesday, October 04, 2011

that’s a lot of candles!

This is what 35 candles looks like. (or as Will says it, firty three)

Thanks Mom for the fire hazard! 

2011-10-03 (7)

Will was excited to blow out that many candles.  2011-10-03 (10)

And Wyatt was pretty excited too.  He was spitting across the table trying to blow them out too.  So we let him have an attempt at his own candle.  And despite Chris’s fierce grip on his arms he put the candle out in the most unfortunate way. Thankfully he recovered pretty quickly with the tiniest of blisters.  Also unfortunate, he did the same exact same thing the day before at the T family birthday lunch. 2011-10-03 (14)

And we had an inkling that Wyatt had a sweet tooth but he really displayed his feelings for sweets Monday night.  Look at that face in the first picture.  He expected every bite to be his, if it wasn’t he just stayed there with his mouth opened.  He might be a picky eater but will always eat something sweet!

2011-10-03 (15)2011-10-03 (18)


Oh, and at the other birthday lunch Will was cute.  While everyone was singing Happy Birthday I looked over to see Will with his head bowed and eyes closed, he was praying and ended the song with Amen.  He thought the birthday song was a prayer.  (At school his lunch prayer is a song so I guess he thought we were praying?).  Silly boy.

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