Thursday, October 27, 2011

Super Wy (picture overload, vol.2)

Wyatt didn’t have much of an opinion regarding his costume this year.  The plan was that he would wear Will’s Lion costume from a few years ago.  Will was excited that “Simba” would be his sidekick on Halloween.  Thankfully I decided to try it on last week only to discover that Super Wy’s head is a tad too big to fit into the costume.  We got it on him but he all he did was scream and try to pull the costume off.  SO, plan 2 kicked in really quick.  I was going to make him a Charlie brown shirt, like last year, but I decided he needed something special and new just like Will.  We already have a W cape but Wyatt will only wear it for a few minutes so we had to have another plan.  I decided to make a new cape and just sew it to a W shirt we already had. It was a hit!!!  Wyatt didn’t really care that he had it on and happily wore it all around.  I wish I could get him to ear a mask but I don’t see that happening.  He’s still a pretty cute Super Wy. (he’s too busy these days to pose for pictures, so his are just action shots….just like any good super hero, always in action)

2011-10-22 (129)2011-10-22 (130)

And like any good super hero, Wyatt is super friendly, waving at all the neighbors who drove by.  He even blew kisses and frantically waved at the lady next door until she noticed him.  He is nothing but persistent!

2011-10-22 (123)2011-10-22 (135)2011-10-22 (142)2011-10-22 (149)

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Kristi said...

Oh. so. cute!
SuperWyatt to the rescue!
(and isn't the super why kid's name Wyatt?)