Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sunday Snapshot {waddle, waddle}

There’s something about a baby waddle.  I guess that’s why they call them toddlers, they toddle every where.  And this week I realized that’s the one thing I wish I could hold on to for forever. I’ve been watching Wyatt walk around with his elbows pulled straight back, hands all over the place while taking very un-rhythmic steps and I look at Will and wonder when he stopped walking that way.  I guess I thought Will still had a baby walk until I compared the two of them. If I had to guess, Wyatt’s waddle will disappear before he turns 2.  And like baby talk, it’s one of those things that slowly disappears and you don’t realize it’s gone until it’s too late to enjoy it one last time.  A lot of people say they miss that one last night feeding/rocking but I think the disappearing waddle toddle will be the thing I miss the most. I’m trying to burn it into my mental image bank forever

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Sunday Snapshot


Merrill said...

What a cute little waddler, err toddler, you have!

Kristi said...

Oh yes,

On our last waddler now and I smile every time she goes through the house. I will miss it too.

Kristi said...

Good for you for capturing his waddle in still shots! I need to get my "head way down in front" runner in action before it is just in my memory...