Sunday, October 30, 2011

our own little pumpkin patch

Since we skipped the pumpkin patch this year I thought I’d at least attempt pumpkin pictures.  I’m just glad we didn’t pay money for pumpkin pictures because it would have been wasted!  Will sat for exactly 2 seconds, and brought Dora with him.  (And if you look closely you will see that his hair is spray painted purple from a previous outing.)


Wyatt kept trying to carry all of the pumpkins off.  He thought they were balls, and then he started throwing them.  One is rotten, thankfully it didn’t explode.


This was as close as I got to having a brothers and pumpkins picture.


Then I thought if I could hold them we’d get a group picture.  Of course, I didn’t really factor in the shade and shadows, or squirmy kids.


So 5 minutes after we started with pumpkins I gave up and we just had fun. Will used his “sled’ on the hills.  His favorite front yard activity.  Poor Dora went along for the ride, and got ran over a few times.


And Daddy took a few rides too.  Poor Gus didn’t know what to think of it.  He was trying to join in.


And like most activities, this afternoon ended in tears.  Which means Wyatt also cried.  He ALWAYS cries when Will cries.  Sweet, but loud.


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Kristi said...

Feeling your pain on wanting a "siblings with pumpkins" shot but not getting it...