Friday, October 28, 2011

it’s the great pumpkin!

We didn’t make it to the pumpkin patch this year, mainly because it cost so much and the boys are still a bit small for it.  So we went to the produce stand and bought a few pumpkins and took a few pictures.  Not quite the same, but close enough.  I still have hopes of some pumpkin/leaves pictures but we’ll see how the weather is this weekend. 

2011-10-25 (2)

We did get to see the “great pumpkin”.  Will was pretty impressed with that massive thing! 

2011-10-25 (17)

But Will was more excited about the mums than the pumpkins.  We had been there about 5 minutes when he said he was ready to go.  It doesn’t take much for Will to get bored.

2011-10-25 (11)

Wyatt enjoyed all of the pumpkins, but really loved the mums too.  Of course, he started picking off all the petals so I had to divert his attention.  Then he decided the parking lot was more fun so we took our two pumpkins and headed home.

2011-10-25 (8)

Maybe next year we can go to a real pumpkin patch!

2011-10-25 (5)

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